Should You Change Careers During a Pandemic?

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues without a foreseeable end in sight, many people, particularly those in the biotech field, are wondering if it’s a strategic move to stay put or change careers. While it may seem counterintuitive to give up a reliable job when hundreds of thousands of people are contracting the virus or losing their jobs due to the pandemic, there’s actually no time like the present to seek out a new career.

After all, the biotech field, as well as many other industries, is still hiring qualified candidates, and many colleges are offering online courses for those who want to change course and switch career paths entirely. Ready to make a big move? Here are a few additional reasons why now may be the best time to follow your professional dreams.

Your Happiness Matters More Than Ever

Career satisfaction and happiness tend to go hand in hand. If there’s one thing that people have learned from the pandemic, it’s that life is far too short to be miserable, and you never know what will happen next. So, you might as well be happy and love what you do! If your current career isn’t what you hoped it would be, then it’s time for a change – pandemic or not. Don’t be afraid to take the leap towards a brighter professional future because your dream career may be just around the corner. Before you know it, you’ll be one of those people who doesn’t dread turning their work computer on every day, and that is priceless!

You Can Hunt for a Job from the Safety of Your Own Home

The internet is a wonderful thing. Yes, it does have its downsides, but the positive are numerous, such as online job boards. These online tools are plentiful, and nowadays, companies use them instead of old-fashioned methods, like the newspaper. What does this mean for you? To start with, you can look for a job from your desk, dining room table, or living room couch, basically wherever your laptop can go. You can also take advantage of platforms like LinkedIn, where some companies post openings and allow you to apply just by using your existing profile. This makes your job hunt simple, quick and easy, and you won’t have to go to the post office wearing a mask to mail off a slew of resumes.

Many Interviews Are Taking Place Online

In spite of COVID-19, companies really are hiring. They are holding many initial interviews virtually and even have many employees working from home once they’re hired, making it safe for you to make a career change without having to worry about coming into contact with someone with the coronavirus. Connecting with your interviewers over Zoom or Google is fairly easy, and for someone who suffers from any form of anxiety stemming from interviewing, remaining in a comfortable place (like your home office) can help you open up when you answer and ask those important questions. The more flexible you are when interviewing and agreeing to work from home the better, as many companies are looking for people who are able to roll with their changing requirements and don’t mind avoiding the office, simply for safety’s sake.

Lack of a Commute Means More Time for Online Courses

If you want to change careers entirely or are trying to move to a different segment within the biotech field, then taking some online courses is a huge plus. Those who didn’t have time to work on coursework before more than likely have some free hours now thanks to the worldwide pandemic we’re all living through. The time that was previously spent on the road driving to and from work is now available real estate, so you might as well use it wisely, learn something new and add to your resume. Plus, thanks to online course platforms, Zoom lectures and embedded quizzes, you won’t have to leave the comfort (or safety) of your cozy couch to do so.

If you’re contemplating changing careers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality is that if it’s time to make a change, there’s no time like the present. Living in this “new normal” may change the “rules of engagement” a little bit, but the reality is that you shouldn’t put your professional hopes and dreams on pause. So, hit play and explore all the options the biotech field has to offer!  

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