Workflow-Enhancing Software Tools At The Center Of The Elekta Solution For Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)

ATLANTA, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Elekta is working closely with four international centers of radiotherapy excellence (the Elekta Synergy(TM) Research Group -- a consortium of Elekta customers operating Elekta Synergy(TM) research systems at their institutions) to develop additional workflow-enhancing software tools to deliver IGRT into mainstream clinical use. Elekta Synergy(TM) is the world's first radiation treatment machine equipped with an integrated 3D volume imaging system. This technology enables doctors to obtain images of patients at the time of treatment, to more precisely target tumors with radiation treatment beams.

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"Elekta's IGRT solution, 4D Adaptive(TM) IGRT -- which combines Elekta Synergy(TM) with a suite of sophisticated software tools and enhanced clinical workflow solutions -- is a major research and development effort between Elekta and the Elekta Synergy(TM) Research Group," says Rajinder Singh Dhada, director, global marketing. "We're continuing to develop Elekta Synergy(TM) software tools to provide the speed and accuracy required to allow IGRT capabilities in any modern radiotherapy practice. Perhaps most importantly, this software is being continually enhanced to satisfy the workflow requirements of the radiation oncology department.

"Members of the Elekta Synergy(TM) Research Group continue to help develop and evaluate the software to ensure it will further evolve to meet the needs of Elekta Synergy(TM) users," he adds.

State-of-the-art technology and software

Elekta Synergy(TM) is an Elekta state-of-the-art digital linear accelerator equipped with a kilovoltage source and a solid-state detector to allow 2D kV planar or 3D X-ray Volume Imaging (XVI) of the patient in the treatment position. By directly addressing the challenges of organ motion and set-up error, Elekta Synergy(TM) was developed to revolutionize the way radiotherapy is implemented in today's busy clinics.

The three workflow-enhancing software solutions for Elekta Synergy(TM) technology, volume mode (VolumeView(TM)), sequence mode (MotionView(TM)) and single image mode (PlanarView(TM)), are currently undergoing further development to enhance clinic workflow management:

- VolumeView(TM): Will improve current radiation therapy processes by addressing motion and organ deformation that may occur between treatments (i.e., interfraction). VolumeView(TM) is designed to offer full 3D volumes with isotropic resolution, thereby providing detailed information on the position of the tumor target and soft tissue critical structures for evaluation by the physician. Single gantry rotation capture, automatic software registration to planning images and automated table repositioning will enable Elekta Synergy(TM) to fit comfortably into current workflow practices. - MotionView(TM): Will address motion that may occur during treatment (i.e., intrafraction). MotionView(TM) will allow the clinician to perform fluoroscopic-like visualization and track organ motion during a designated time interval or during treatment. This offers particular advantages for targeting lung tumors which move and deform during respiration. - PlanarView(TM): Designed to provide high quality 2D images of bony anatomy or fiducial markers to enable corrections due to patient motion that may occur between treatments (i.e., interfraction). PlanarView(TM) will be similar in use to existing MV port films, but will provide diagnostic quality images at very low doses. Fighting serious disease

"The Elekta Synergy(TM) platform and this advanced software will give radiation oncologists a perspective on disease they have never had before," Dhada says. "Now, instead of treating cancer based on historical image data, physicians will be able to acquire the most up-to-date images of target and critical organs immediately before treatment. In support of Elekta's longstanding commitment to improve patients' quality of life, we continue to work with our partners in the clinic to bring solutions that inspire clinical confidence in the advancement of radiotherapy techniques and the fight against serious disease."

About Elekta

Elekta is a leading international medical-technology company offering advanced and innovative clinical solutions and services for precision radiation treatment of cancer and minimally invasive treatment of brain disorders.

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