Why You’re Not Getting Hired

Published: Apr 21, 2011

If you’re trying hard to land an interview and nothing seems to work, you likely have a lot of ideas about why no one is giving you a chance. Maybe it’s ageism (you’re too old or too young). Or the economy; your industry isn’t hiring (except for your colleague who got the job you should have had). You don’t want to relocate; all the jobs are in a different part of the country. You took time off to stay home with your children; there’s a gap in your work history. You’re a realtor, and everyone knows as soon as the housing market bounces back, you’ll quit your job to go back to selling homes. Sometimes these reasons affect your lack of interview opportunities. But often, other obstacles are keeping you from landing the job you want. Before you blame any of the factors above, make sure you’re not making some classic mistakes. These could be the reasons you’re not getting hired:

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