Trevena, Inc. Angiotensin Receptor Biased Ligand Promotes Cell Survival During Acute Cardiac Injury

Published: Sep 04, 2012

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trevena, Inc., the leader in the discovery of G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) biased ligands, announced that results from a study into the cardioprotective actions of its Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor (AT1R) biased ligands has been published. The publication describes the results of experiments conducted at Duke University in the laboratory of Dr. Howard Rockman, in collaboration with Trevena, showing that ß-arrestin biased AT1R ligands can protect cardiac tissue from injury. The molecule tested, TRV120023, is closely related to TRV027, Trevena’s experimental acute heart failure molecule currently in mid-stage clinical trials.

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