TR BioSurgical Commercializes Breakthrough Tissue Repair BioScaffold

Chandler, AZ July 10, 2008 -- TR BioSurgical, LLC, a veterinary biomaterials company, announced today they have commercialized a breakthrough medical device scaffold called TR Matrix™. TR Matrix consists of collagen that has been engineered into a unique, open polar structure that mimics early stage connective tissue. This unique structure is a breakthrough advance in tissue repair and TR Matrix is being evaluated in a number of comparative medical applications for orthopedics, dermatology, and dentistry.

Dr. Jeff Kellerman, VP of R&D, stated, "This is a major breakthrough in tissue repair, achieved by restructuring collagen to expose natural amino acid sequences which serve as the instruction manual for tissue repair. TR Matrix's proprietary structure turns out to be critical, because during the aging process collagen becomes folded thereby hiding its natural amino acid repair code. By unfolding collagen and re-exposing these amino acid sequences, cells binding to the scaffold up-regulate a variety of important factors resulting in physiological tissue repair."

Dr. Craig Woods, CEO of TR BioSurgical stated, "Think of this like putting together a bicycle, you need an instruction manual. If the instructions are folded it makes assembly difficult. Tissue repair and assembly is no different in concept, yet much more complex. Our cells require an instruction manual to coordinate the repair process. If cells can't see the manual, then assembly and repair are suboptimal resulting in scar tissue formation. TR Matrix's open collagen structure represents an unfolded instruction manual resulting in optimal tissue repair."

About TR Matrix: TR Matrix, a collagen based scaffold, contains no cells or drugs and is classified as a medical device. TR Matrix's novel structure is responsible for its non-immunogenic property and versatile applications in hard and soft tissues. Cells binding to TR Matrix have been shown to increase production of a variety of tissue repair factors, including bone morphogenic protein-2 (BMP-2), connective tissue growth factor (CTGF), transforming growth factor beta 1 & 3 (TGF ß1 & TGF ß3), aggrecan, and other factors. TR Matrix is sold by IMEX Veterinary, Inc. for veterinary orthopedic applications including osteotomies, fracture repair, and other procedures.

About TR BioSurgical, LLC: TR BioSurgical is a privately held veterinary company developing a range of biomaterials and devices for tissue repair and regenerative medicine. TR BioSurgical has specific interests in ophthalmology, dermatology, and orthopedics including cartilage repair. TR BioSurgical is also developing a promising new glaucoma implant. Please visit for more information.

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Jeff Kellerman DVM, MBA

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