Three Success Principles for Landing a Job in Troubled Times

Published: Jul 15, 2010

Three Success Principles for Landing a Job in Troubled Times

Three Success Principles For Landing A Job In Troubled Times By Jay Block
Professional Career Coach

Landing a job in troubled times requires a strong character. There are three main successful principles that ultimately define character. Below are those three principles than when embraced and practiced, will result in you landing the job you want at the pay you deserve quickly… no matter what kind of job market.

If it’s going to be, it's up to me

The two major causes of underachievement are blame and excuses. Sadly, few people seem willing to take personal responsibility these days. Taking responsibility means accepting any type of wind that might blow; knowing that it's not the wind, rather the set of the sail that makes the difference between unemployment and gainful employment; between remaining in a stressful job and securing the perfect job. Taking responsibility means, if it's going to be, it’s up to me and no one else! Responsibility means going the extra mile with a smile knowing that going the extra mile is the best investment you can make in yourself and your future. Taking personal responsibility means not taking the path of least resistance even though it’s a seductive option; but paying any price needed to succeed.

Responsibility means being a proactive and supportive resource in your own job transition campaign. You have a choice. You can spend 95% of your time and energy on the problem; blaming, finding excuses and griping that the world is unfair. Or you can take personal responsibility and invest 95% of your time and energy on the solution; pursuing your career objectives with passion and confidence, knowing only you can stand in the way of your own success.

Principle #2: DISCIPLINE
Without discipline nothing is possible

Discipline is the bridge between employment and unemployment; between underemployment and meaningful employment. Discipline means doing those things that others aren’t willing to do and hanging in there long after everyone else has let go. Discipline is the foundation upon which all success is attained. An abundance of discipline leads to an abundance of job offers! In reality, you have one of two life-changing choices to make; to employ discipline today to achieve your job objectives or neglect to employ discipline at the expense of your goals.

Discipline leads to reward. Neglect leads to regret. The great Vince Lombardi said, “Discipline and mental toughness are many things and rather difficult to explain. Its qualities are sacrifice and self-denial, and most importantly, it’s combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in.”

The key is to choose discipline over easy. You don’t get to the World Series or the Olympics by easy and you don’t become a successful sales professional, nurse, administrative assistant or CEO by easy. There is no ‘easy button’ for landing a job in a tough economy. You get there through discipline.

Your environment may determine how quickly you’ll land your next job!

Will Rogers may have said it best when he said that, “the quality of life is often a result of the people in life you avoid?” It’s important to consistently assess the people you spend time with and determine if they are with you or against you in identifying, pursuing and landing a new job or career. A president of a corporation is affected by those people serving on the Board of Directors. The President of the United States is affected by advisors and those in the Cabinet. World-class athletes and entertainers surround themselves with world-class coaches and advisors. You too, must have a positive, high energy and world-class group of advisors to help you meet your job and career objectives.

This sphere of influence can be made up of a support group, job coaches, therapists, family members and friends. The primary criteria for membership in your sphere of influence are that all members must be supportive of you and your goals. No, they don’t always have to agree with you. You want constructive debate! But when they don’t, they must do so in a compassionate and tactful manner. Remember, influence can be subtle so you must always be aware and evaluate those people you spend time with on a regular basis.

Jay Block is an industry pioneer and one of the nation’s leading career and empowerment authorities, He is the author of 15 career and motivational books, 10 of which are published by McGraw-Hill. Jay is a highly respected trainer and keynote presenter and is best known for combining world-class motivational techniques with cutting edge job transition tools and strategies. He has created four international certification programs (résumé, interviewing, career coaching, and motivation & empowerment) and travels the country sharing his ideas and concepts with job seekers and professional career / job trainers. Visit Jay at .

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