Synaptive Medical Inc., Launches Dynamic Free Water Correction Feature to Enhance Planning and Navigation Technology

TORONTO, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Synaptive Medical Inc., a leader in automated brain mapping and enriched patient data, announced the launch of Reveal today, a powerful new feature for its Modus™ Plan software. This patented feature applies free water correction to recover eloquent tracts in areas around brain lesions previously impacted by edema. Reveal for Modus Plan will further supplement Synaptive’s fully integrated suite of surgical technologies, including surgical navigation and a robotic exoscope.

Free water caused by edema can interfere with the generation of tractography in the brain-tumor interface. This limitation impacts the use of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data and the generation of tractography to evaluate white matter pathways that might inform a safer surgical approach.

“This a valuable enhancement and major milestone for Synaptive’s planning platform,” explains Cameron Piron, President, and Co-founder of Synaptive. “Ensuring comprehensive white matter representation in perilesional areas of the brain will provide surgeons with added confidence to deliver less invasive, precision therapies for patients.”

Synaptive’s Modus Plan software automatically generates whole-brain tractography and visually segments the tracts into patient-specific bundles. Indications for use include viewing, presenting and documenting medical imaging, planning and simulation of cranial surgical procedures, and reviewing existing treatment plans. Reveal ensures free water-impacted tractography is visible and accessible to the surgeon for cases with edema present. Provided as a dynamic tool in the software, surgeons can control and apply the correction algorithm for relevant procedures, as needed.

“The widespread adoption of DTI tractography in neurosurgical planning is challenged by the noise in diffusion imaging induced by edema. The presence of extracellular free water interferes with tractography generation in the most important areas, at the interface between brain and pathological tissue. Synaptive’s free water correction software solves this problem by revealing tracts in edematous areas and showing anatomical distortions. This feature allows us to perform safer operations and increases the usability of tractography,” said, Dr. Sebastian Koga, MD FAANS, New Orleans.

Designed for integration with other technologies, including Synaptive’s surgical navigation system, Modus™ Nav, surgeons can leverage Modus Plan to evaluate data and simulate surgical treatment for applications such as tumor resections, ICH evacuations, AVM resections, artery bypass, and functional targeting. The combination of Modus Plan and Modus Nav complement Synaptive’s fully integrated suite of surgical technologies, including Modus V, a fully automated robotic exoscope that uses 3D visualization to provide advanced microsurgical visualization.

Reveal for Modus Plan is intended to be incorporated into hospital systems across multiple markets, subject to regulatory clearance.

Synaptive plans to showcase this latest version of Modus Plan featuring Reveal at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) annual conference in San Francisco, California from October 8 to October 12.

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