Scil Proteins GmbH Receives €700K Research Grant from Investitionsbank Sachsen Anhalt

Published: Apr 07, 2011

Halle, Germany, 7 April 2011 – Scil Proteins, a private biotech company specialized in the research, development and production of recombinant proteins, today announced that it has received an award of public funding to further establish methods for the combination of Affilin® therapeutics with biological effectors. The Investitionsbank Sachsen Anhalt has provided the Company with €700K to fund relevant in-house research projects.

Dr. Ulrike Fiedler, CEO of Scil Proteins, commented: “We are very pleased that the Investitionsbank Sachsen Anhalt has decided to continue and expand their support for our research endeavors to further develop our Affilin® therapeutics. The Bank has seen what we’ve achieved and that there’s significant potential for the development of the technology.”

Scil Proteins’ Affilin® therapeutics are so called scaffold proteins derived from the human serum protein Ubiquitin. Affilin® molecules are high affinity binders with excellent target specificity. The Affilin® platform has successfully delivered target specific molecules, which have subsequently shown activity in animal models, within only a few months. Scil Proteins intends to advance into clinical development two Affilin® therapeutic candidates targeting cancer indications.

About Scil Proteins

Scil Proteins is a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing Affilin® molecules and working with industry partners in the development and manufacture of protein therapeutics and diagnostics. Affilin® molecules are therapeutics and diagnostics based on a scaffold derived from the human protein Ubiquitin to form highly stable molecules with strong binding specificity and low immunogenicity. Scil Proteins’ discovery platform is a fully patent protected screening technology for the identification of target-specific Affilin® molecules using advanced selection systems. Scil Proteins has generated a pipeline of Affilin® therapeutics targeting cancer and other therapeutic areas. It also offers the technology to industry for collaborative discovery and development partnerships. With a longstanding expertise in protein production and development, Scil Proteins also offers GMP contract biomanufacturing and process development to biotech and pharma companies. Scil Proteins is a well-established private company located in Halle, Germany. To learn more about Scil Proteins please visit


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