Rheonix, Inc. Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio With U.S. Patent for a Fully Automated Molecular Platform

Published: Apr 02, 2013

ITHACA, N.Y. –– Rheonix Inc., the developer of automated molecular diagnostic testing platforms, has been issued a patent protecting self-contained instruments for purifying, amplifying, and analyzing one or more target nucleic acid sequences necessary for performing a molecular test. The claims of the patent protect Rheonix’s EncompassMDx™ instrument. The instrument performs a wide range of molecular analyses using the Rheonix CARD®, which received international patent protection in 2012.

When used together, the Rheonix instrument and CARD can run up to 24 samples through a fully integrated molecular assay with no user intervention and help address the most difficult challenges facing the health care industry today, including workforce shortages, limited access to valuable molecular testing and escalating costs.

“The issuance of this patent is an especially exciting milestone for us because it validates the uniqueness of the Rheonix technology,” said Tony Eisenhut, Rheonix president. “We have been committed to the development and commercialization of a technology platform that addresses some of the major challenges in the health care industry. We have invested tens of millions of dollars over the past decade, and the full breadth of this work is being substantiated in a broad, global patent portfolio that puts us in a strong position to serve the market.”

The EncompassMDx™ is a modular molecular analytical system designed to perform a broad range of molecular assays on a wide variety of sample types and initial sample volumes. The system is well suited for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays, industrial and environmental analyses, and user-defined protocols for life science research applications. The configurable nature of the system allows for easy adaptation to a growing assay menu and increased throughput.

Key features and benefits of the EncompassMDx™ system include:

• Walkaway automation for increased lab efficiency

• Scalable sample throughput to enable work in small facilities or large labs

• A sample-to-result platform that consolidates multiple pieces of equipment

• Simple interface requiring only minimal training for all skill levels

• Ability to sample liquid volume from 5 µl to 5 ml and tissue mass up to 20 mg

• Highly multiplexed detection to screen many targets in one test

• Configurable design for operating many purification and detection methodologies on a single instrument

The patent, U.S. Patent No. 8,383,039, joins Rheonix’s 40 previously issued U.S. patents, 14 foreign counterpart patents, and multiple pending patent applications.

About Rheonix: Rheonix Inc. is committed to improving standards of care by making molecular diagnostics available to more people, in more places, more often. Rheonix, through experienced leadership and creative vision, has developed the EncompassMDx™ platform, a highly customizable technology with unmatched versatility and affordability. The platform performs fully automated, complex molecular assays in an easy-to-use and economical format on the Rheonix CARD® cartridge. With both the Rheonix CARD and EncompassMDx family of products, Rheonix is well-positioned to penetrate key molecular diagnostic market sectors, from reference labs through point-of-care and everywhere in between. For more information, visit www.rheonix.com.

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