Revolutionary Addiction Medicine VR App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Interventionville launches with goal of increasing percentage of patients receiving treatment for alcohol and drug use disorders


LAS VEGAS, July 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- It is with great pleasure that Order 66 Labs announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for their first virtual reality addiction product, Interventionville. Interventionville is created for use in hospitals and clinics to allow users to experience three different types of mutual help groups in a controlled setting.

"Mutual help groups are an essential part of a program of recovery from alcohol or drugs. By allowing the user to experience three different types of meetings in VR, while they're in the hospital, they can find the best fit for themselves before engaging with the group in real life," said Dr. Matthew Prekupec, founder of Order 66 Labs. "A major problem with these groups is that when we refer patients to them, the majority don't actually go. Once they do go, most find they enjoy the camaraderie, and research shows that the groups help them abstain from using alcohol or drugs. Interventionville removes the hurdle of seeking out the initial meeting and reduces the user's apprehensions about these groups."

The campaign will run for the next month. There are a variety of rewards for different pledge levels, including corporate sponsorship, and the goal is to raise $40,000. Most of the reward levels include either future access to the application or the purchasing of virtual bricks within the application. Like traditional brick fundraising campaigns, backers who select this option will be able to engrave up to three lines of text on a digital brick which will become a permanent part of the Interventionville application. This is an excellent option for anyone who has had a loved one affected by addiction and wants to both honor their memory and support addiction research.

To further encourage sharing of the campaign, Order 66 Labs has partnered with to allow bloggers and other social media influencers to receive 25 percent cash back on each referral to the Interventionville campaign.

About Order 66 Labs: Order 66 Labs is an early-stage private company dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by addiction using digital health technologies. With Interventionville, it plans to get more patients with substance use disorders involved with treatment while at the same time reducing healthcare expenditures.

Media Contact:
Matthew Prekupec, MD
Phone: 702-817-7150

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