PX’Therapeutics to Open a New cGMP Biomanufacturing Facility

Published: Nov 23, 2009

GRENOBLE, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PX’Therapeutics SA (formerly known as Protein’eXpert) announces the set up of an additional biomanufacturing unit dedicated to the production of therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies in mammalian cells. This facility, located in the company’s Grenoble site, is mainly financed by loans from PX’Therapeutics’ bank partners : BNP Paribas and Crédit Coopératif, with the support of OSEO Rhône-Alpes. The cGMP plant will be operational from April 2010 and will allow cell banking as well as preclinical and clinical manufacturing of biotherapeutics (scale: 100-200L). In parallel, PX’Therapeutics plans to upgrade the existing cGMP unit devoted to bacterial and yeast systems with a 100L bioreactor. The extension of the company’s production capabilities is part of its development strategy and will mark its tenth anniversary. Indeed, PX’Therapeutics is anticipating strong growth in the next two years, mainly due to the strengthening of its commercial activities in Europe and North America, the set up of new partnerships with big pharmas and the creation of value out of collaborative R&D programs focused on biotherapeutics/vaccine development.

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