Pressao Medical Adds a New Board Member and Completes Additional Funding


IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Pressao Medical announced today the appointment of Jack Wang, Ph.D., to the company's board of directors. Dr. Wang is an accomplished business leader with more than 20 years' experience in the medical device industry (including Biosensors International, Johnson & Johnson and Guidant Corporation) with a successful track record in business execution and exits.

"I am excited to join Pressao Medical board bringing this innovative technology to market and improving quality of life of patients around the world. The patient benefits are easy to see, and the opportunity for growth is striking," says Jack Wang.

Currently, Jack is the chairman and CEO of HeMo Bioengineering Limited, a medical device company established in 2017, primarily focusing on neurovascular intervention in Asia, with its current manufacturing and marketing and sales headquarters in China. Previously, Jack was the CEO of Biosensors International, a pioneer in interventional cardiology devices, where he was responsible for the company's significant growth and strategic direction leading to the acquisition of several successful companies.

A graduate of Case Western Reserve University, Jack has been granted more than 20 U.S. and European patents in medical devices and technology and has published more than 30 scientific papers on polymer materials and processing.

"We are excited to welcome Dr. Jack Wang to our board. His unique combination of vast industry experience and perspective will be critical as we prepare for international market entry," says Shawn Moaddeb, the chairman of Pressao Medical. 

Pressao Medical also announced raising of additional private funding. The new investment will be used to continue product development, leading to regulatory filing in various countries. The company is part of the portfolio of Adventus Ventures, LLC, a medical incubator and early stage investor.

Pressao Medical has two products under development. The first is BP-ADJUST™, a new device in the form of a wristwatch that monitors blood pressure (BP) and heart rate and uses the information to deliver unique energy therapy to control BP. The second product is BP-ADJUST™ CV. This device uses the same technology, plus additional features that monitor vital diagnostic information, such as heart rate variability, ECG, heart arrhythmia, and oxygen level in combination with BP. The system is completely battery-operated, with rechargeable capabilities and wireless data communication.

BP-ADJUST™ and BP-ADJUST™ CV will be first-to-market devices of their kind to monitor and treat patients. Shawn Moaddeb says, "Our technology is truly unique, and it will be an absolute breakthrough as preventive therapy for prehypertensive patients and when used in combination with drugs in treating uncontrolled hypertension."

Reza Allamehzadeh, M.D., chief medical officer at Pressao Medical and a hypertension and nephrology specialist says, "Overall prevalence of prehypertension in healthy adults is about 36% worldwide. Prehypertension, by itself, increases risk of heart disease by more than twofold. Prehypertensive patients have a 31% increased risk of coronary heart disease, 49% greater risk of stroke, and 44% greater risk of total cardiovascular events. By current guidelines, lifestyle modification is pursued over pharmacologic treatment (as currently there are no approved drugs for prehypertension) which may not completely lower the above risks. Reducing BP, even a few points, can make a significant impact."

About Pressao Medical:

Pressao Medical is a neuromodulation-device company focused on the development of a smart noninvasive energy-based wearable device for the treatment of prehypertension.

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