Plant-Based Foods of Canada Welcomes Canada Food Guide Focus on Plant-based Proteins

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Jan. 22, 2019 /CNW/ - Plant-Based Foods of Canada welcomed today's Health Canada release of an updated Canada Food Guide, with emphasis on consuming plant-based proteins more often.

"The changes we're seeing in the updated Canada Food Guide reflect a broader societal trend towards greater consumption of plant-based foods that promises to continue in the years to come," explains Beena Goldenberg, CEO, Hain Celestial Canada. "Public health research shows that the key to better eating is changing the food environment, which means not just educating people about what they should eat but also ensuring that great tasting plant-based goods are widely available, convenient and affordable. Plant-Based Foods of Canada is well positioned to work with government and key stakeholders to make that happen."

The revised food guide includes a focus on eating patterns, including an emphasis on plant-based foods. This means vegetables, fruit, grains and protein foods should be consumed regularly; and among protein foods, CFG recommends consuming plant-based ones more often.

Plant-Based Foods of Canada notes that over the past few years, consumer notions of protein sources have expanded to include a wider variety of plant-based protein ingredients and foods. The increase in flexitarian eating, along with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, and the health benefits associated with these trends, as well as concerns about sustainability are putting the spotlight on plant proteins. Earlier this year, the government of Canada announced an investment of approximately $150 million in the country's plant protein industry through its $950 million Supercluster Initiative. Recent Nielsen data shows an 8% increase in sales of meat and dairy alternatives over the past year, to more than $3 billion. With this increased growth it's clear that the plant-based foods industry is here to stay.

This industry growth has also resulted in greater consumer demand for innovation and variety at a scale only imagined a few years ago. Recent launches in alternative meats, frozen meals, non-dairy cheeses, spreads, desserts and beverages aim to create more options for consumers who want to choose plant-based foods.

Plant-Based Foods of Canada is comprised of food companies that make and market plant-based products that are part of a combination of proteins by a growing number of Canadians. Members of Plant-Based Foods of Canada include: Daiya Foods, Danone, Earth's Own Foods, GreenSpace Brands, Hain Celestial, Conagra Brands, Ripple Foods, Tree of Life Canada, Lightlife Foods, Sol Cuisine, The Field Roast Company and Beyond Meat Canada.

Plant-Based Foods of Canada is a division of Foods & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) the largest trade association representing food, beverage and consumer goods manufacturers in Canada, and operates under auspices of FCPC and its public policy and regulatory issues.

SOURCE Plant-Based Foods of Canada

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