Pharsight Corporation To Host Amsterdam Seminar On Technical Challenges In Modeling And Simulation To Support Critical Path Initiatives

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pharsight Corporation , a leading provider of software and strategic services for optimizing clinical drug development, announced today that Dan Weiner, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Software, will speak to members of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries at a seminar on technical aspects of modeling and simulation as outlined in FDA's Critical Path on April 25, 2006 at 1:30 PM local (Amsterdam) time.

Dr. Weiner's presentation will discuss the evolution of FDA's view of the role of modeling and simulation in regulatory decisions and trial design; the IT infrastructure needed by commercial companies to support impactful, regulatory-compliant, high-productivity modeling and simulation; innovations in modeling and simulation software that will flatten the learning curve and improve modeling productivity, especially in mixed effects modeling. More information is available at .

"Our vision is that productive, compliant modeling and simulation tools must combine state-of-the-art PK/PD data management, a powerful, intuitive, and graphical modeling language, economical architecture with shared best-of-breed services across multiple applications, and high-speed computing support," said Shawn O'Connor, Pharsight President and CEO. "We believe our approach is consistent with FDA's recent affirmation of the growing importance of model-based drug development in the 'Critical Path Opportunities Report' released earlier this month."

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Pharsight Corporation develops and markets integrated products and services that enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to achieve significant and enduring improvements in the development and use of therapeutic products. The company's goal is to help customers reduce the time, cost and risk of drug development, as well as optimize the post-approval marketing and use of pharmaceutical products.

Pharsight's approach enhances the fundamental element of drug development success: strong decision-making. By adopting the Pharsight approach, customers acquire a new decision-making process with the potential to systematically improve every level and phase of their business and scientific processes. Pharsight Corporation is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Information about Pharsight is available at .

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