Monsanto's $400 Million Expansion Brings Hundreds of New Jobs to Chesterfield

Published: Nov 01, 2016

CHESTERFIELD • The gleaming new greenhouses on Monsanto’s Chesterfield campus will allow the company’s crop scientists an unprecedented level of control for experiments, with high-tech lighting and climate-regulated confines able to mimic virtually any growing conditions on Earth.

Beyond their walls, however, Monsanto and its employees may have much less control over the future that awaits the company, as it remains to be seen what role the agribusiness giant’s operations will have in the wake of its recently announced sale to Bayer AG, the German chemical and pharmaceutical corporation.

But at Friday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony for the greenhouse expansion, Monsanto officials expressed confidence that the new facility further bolsters the area’s standing as a hub for biotech research — now and in the future.

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