MJ BIOTECH, INC., Signs Agreement with INVEST AFRICA GLOBAL LLC to provide PPE and COVID-19 Coronavirus 'Rapid Test Kits'

CHEYENNE, WY / ACCESSWIRE / December 31, 2020 / MJ Biotech Inc. (OTCQB:MJTV), today announced that it has signed an agreement with Invest Africa Global LLC (IAG) to provide PPE and Covid-19 Coronavirus "Rapid Test Kits" to the Hospitals and other Medical professionals.

MJTV chose this Partnership with AIG due to their vast distribution and sales network in local and international locales.

IAG has developed relationship with several countries in Africa and has secured exclusive market rights to supply the pharmaceutical and medical hardware requirements of Congo Brazzaville in association with Caritas Pharma.

Congo Brazzaville is just one of many Countries on the African Continent that AIG will be representing MJTV.

For additional information please contact us at info@mjbiotech.us .

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