Mirada Medical Kicks Off Universal PET/MR at EANM

Published: Oct 14, 2011

OXFORD, UK--(Marketwire - October 14, 2011) - Mirada Medical is making a clear statement that PET/MR imaging is no longer just for elite institutions and patients at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) annual meeting being held in Birmingham, England, October 16-18. Thanks to the company's continued innovations in multi-modality imaging, and dedication to making world class medical imaging available and affordable to more people, Mirada will be demonstrating its Universal PET/MR solution at EANM.

Interest in PET/MR is rapidly growing worldwide due to its demonstrated potential to better identify and quantify disease found in soft tissue, with applications in neurology and oncology. Hybrid PET/MR scanners are becoming available, but unfortunately their high price tag puts them out of reach from all but the largest research institutions.

Mirada Medical's innovative Universal PET/MR solution utilizes the company's validated deformable registration software to accurately align PET and MR images at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hybrid systems. Mirada's Universal PET/MR makes it possible for the images from existing scanners from any major manufacturer to be quickly loaded and fused with PET or PET/CT images, even if these have been acquired at a different time or place. Users can immediately realise the benefits of PET/MR through tri-modal fusion of an MRI scan with a PET/CT scan, or fusion of standalone PET to MRI. This software-based PET/MR solution provides powerful information during tumour assessment, staging, and delineation, with better visualisation of soft tissue abnormalities and tumours best localised using MR.

"Combining PET with MRI can provide unique and powerful diagnostic insight when compared with other imaging workflows", stated Hugh Bettesworth, Mirada's Chief Executive. "We offer the most advanced software tools to visualise scans from hybrid PET/MR devices but we also enable hospitals, research groups and imaging centres that do not yet have a hybrid system to offer the benefits of world class PET/MR fusion to all patients".

Mirada will also showcase solutions for longitudinal quantified analysis of PET/CT and SPECT/CT at their exhibit (#3) at EANM, as well as Casemeeting, the company's new workflow solution for Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings (MDT). Casemeeting makes it easy for clinicians to quickly prepare presentations, and then show multiple cases in quick succession. The power of Mirada's imaging software is instantly available during review to show detailed findings. Mirada further extends the workflow to remote referrers with Caseaccess, which supports online review of PET/MR and PET/CT cases.

About Mirada Medical
Mirada Medical is an internationally recognised brand in advanced medical imaging. The company develops high value clinical software applications, which are used across diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, tumor board and elsewhere.

Mirada specializes in simplifying technically complex image processing tasks, allowing clinicians to more confidently diagnose disease, assess response to treatment and plan radiation therapy or surgical intervention.

Mirada was originally spun out of the University of Oxford. The company's technologies are, to this day, developed by a team of dedicated engineers and world-renowned scientists working out of Oxford, England.

Mirada's products have been designed to ease the deployment of these powerful technologies into any hospital or imaging center workflow. Mirada's applications can be delivered using thin client or cloud based architectures, or licensed on a floating or per workstation basis. Most recently, Mirada has focused on the development of disease specific solutions for use across departments working with patients to fight cancer. In particular, Mirada's powerful image registration technologies have been tuned to the needs of radiation oncology, and quantification technologies have been redefined to optimize support for standard protocols such as RECIST and PERCIST. In addition, powerful imaging solutions have been introduced to support better collaborative working, in particular in the context of a rich web-based viewer for referring physicians and a robust solution for presentation of images at multidisciplinary meetings such as tumor board.

Mirada Medical, Mirada XD3, Casemeeting and Caseaccess are all trademarks of Mirada Medical Ltd.

For more information, visit www.mirada-medical.com

Mirada kicks off Universal PET/MR at EANM


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