MiNA Therapeutics Highlights Preclinical Research on RNA Activation (RNAa) Therapeutics Presented at the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society (OTS) Annual Meeting


Findings demonstrate structure-activity relationship of RNAa therapeutics, supporting use in genetic medicine, as well as therapeutic potential of MiNA’s MTL-CEBPA in acute myeloid leukemia


LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MiNA Therapeutics Limited, the pioneer in small activating RNA (RNAa) therapeutics, highlights preclinical research presented by academic partners at the annual meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society (OTS) in Barcelona, Spain. RNAa therapeutics are a revolutionary new class of medicines that can restore or boost normal function of genes and thereby protein-modulated pathways in cells.

Key Data Highlights from OTS

In a presentation titled, “Investigating Chemically-Modified Short Activating RNAs to Increase Nuclease Stability and Gene Activation,” findings demonstrated improvement in the medicinal properties of RNAa therapeutics using well established chemical modifications.

Another study titled, “Small-Activating RNA Therapy Development for the Inherited genetic Disorder Aniridia,” revealed the potential of RNAa therapeutics to treat a rare and severe genetic eye disease.

Finally, the presentation titled, “RNA Activation of a Transcription Factor Induces Terminal Differentiation of Blood Cancer in Preclinical Studies,” detailed findings that identified the potential of MTL-CEBPA to treat acute myeloid leukemia (AML), an aggressive blood cancer with low survival rates and high burden of chemotherapeutic treatment side effects.

MiNA is exploring out-licensing opportunities for MTL-CEBPA and its immuno-oncology portfolio which uniquely combines the capability to specifically restore or boost any dysregulated gene target with clinically validated in vivo delivery to myeloid immune cells.

“The findings from these three preclinical studies demonstrate continued advances in the development of our novel RNAa therapeutics across a range of therapeutic areas,” said Robert Habib, CEO of MiNA Therapeutics. “We are particularly encouraged by the data that reveals the structure-activity relationship of RNAa medicines which supports our development strategy in genetic medicine.”

Following the meeting, the posters for the three studies will be available on the MiNA website: www.minatx.com.

About MiNA Therapeutics

MiNA Therapeutics is the global leader in small activating RNA therapeutics or RNAa. Harnessing innate mechanisms of gene activation, RNAa therapeutics are a revolutionary new class of medicines that can restore or boost normal function of genes and thereby protein-modulated pathways in cells. We are advancing a proprietary pipeline of new medicines with an initial focus on genetic medicine, while collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies to apply our technology platform across a broad range of other therapeutic areas. Based on our unique know-how in RNA activation, we are expanding the possibilities of RNA-based medicine. www.minatx.com


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