Meet Dmanna: The Daily UTI Prevention Supplement That's Proven to Prevent 85% of Infections

Dmanna is on a mission to reduce and prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

RALEIGH, N.C., May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dmanna today announced the official launch and availability of its prevention supplement for people experiencing chronic and frequent UTI symptoms. Driven by science, developed by research, and motivated by the frustrations of millions suffering from UTIs, Dmanna's core ingredient, d-mannose, is the only scientifically proven supplement to prevent 85% of UTIs.

Dmanna is a daily UTI prevention supplement, available in a convenient, single-serving packet, that dissolves instantly in any beverage. It is the safest, most affordable and effective treatment for UTIs currently on the market, with no long term side effects. Including Dmanna into your daily health routine allows you to discontinue the use of harmful antibiotics and kill UTIs before they develop. Because it requires daily and continuous use to remain effective, Dmanna's core product is delivered as a subscription so users never have to fear running out. The monthly subscription box is available for $29, includes free shipping, and allows customers to skip or cancel anytime. Dmanna is less than half the cost of similar products, as their team sought to provide an affordable solution that would allow women to prevent UTIs for less than a dollar a day. Careful sourcing and manufacturing partnerships allowed them to achieve this goal along with a "sell more for less" go-to-market strategy, which is in contrast to the current healthcare market focused on driving profits via high margins.

"For the 250 million people suffering from UTIs each year, there are only two products available on grocery store shelves," said Sara Rose Harcus, CEO and Lead Scientist for Dmanna. "You'll find these products not in the pharmacy section where all other medicines are located, but next to the tampons, sandwiched somewhere between the adult diapers and the condoms. Search online for UTI prevention products, and you'll find a booming marketplace of overpriced cranberry extracts, superfood supplements, and other useless, snake oil-type products. There are zero sustainable options for people trying to prevent their UTIs. That is unacceptable. So we created Dmanna to change it."

Studies show that over 80% of UTI sufferers are women -- young women, elderly women, and little girls alike. Over 50% of women will get a UTI in her lifetime and over 200 million women and girls will suffer from UTIs this year alone. Women are 30 times more likely to develop a UTI than men, until after age 60, at which point the rates are similar. UTIs are the second most common cause of doctor visits and the most common bacterial infection in the United States. Until now, there has been no hope or proper education for people suffering from chronic or frequent UTIs.

Not only do UTIs affect healthy women, but they are particularly problematic for hospitalized patients. UTIs are the most common hospital-acquired infection costing billions to the healthcare system every year. Studies also show that UTI sufferers are at the greatest risk for antibiotic resistance. Many antibiotics that were effective 10 years ago have become useless against UTI bacteria, forcing the use of harsher antibiotics with harmful side effects. The Washington Post published an article in 2016 where Tom Frieden, CDC Director, stated that the end of the road for antibiotics is near and that there may be a time in the near future when patients are getting urinary tract infections that are not curable with today's antibiotics.

Dmanna is on a mission to reduce annual urinary tract infections by half, through scientific research, community education, and product development. For more information, visit and follow @dmannahq on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join the Dmanna community.

About Dmanna
Dmanna is a prevention tool for patients experiencing chronic or frequent UTIs. The daily packets contain the only scientifically proven supplement, d-mannose, known to prevent up to 85% of urinary tract infections. Dmanna users avoid harmful antibiotics by including Dmanna into their daily health routines with its convenient, pre-measured packets to kill UTIs before they develop.


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