Medtronic, Inc. Wants Drug Industry Partners for Alzheimer's

Published: Sep 18, 2012

San Antonio Business Journal by Mike W. Thomas, Reporter

Medical device maker Medtronic Inc. is looking for a pharmaceutical company to partner with on its new pump technology for treating Alzheimer patients.

The company’s pump technology can be used to push medicines for treating Alzheimers past the blood-brain barrier and directly into the brain. The blood-brain barrier is a natural layer of protection in the vessels within the organ. A product that can deliver drugs straight into the brain can yield higher and broader concentrations while using less medication.

Medtronic is looking at companies such as Pfizer Inc., Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly & Co. which make Alzheimer drugs as potential partners on the device.

Minneapolis-based Medtronic is one of the world’s largest makers of heart-rythm devices. The company opened a facility in San Antonio in 2009 that employs about 1,000 people.

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