MEDO receives FDA approval to Revolutionize Thyroid Ultrasound.


EDMONTON, AB, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Medo, an artificial intelligence technology start-up company headquartered in Singapore and Canada, is pleased to announce that it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the world's first tool using Artificial Intelligence to drastically simplify the Thyroid ultrasound scanning workflow. The company previously announced the release of an AI assistant for helping diagnose hip dysplasia and is now expanding their technology into other use cases.

Over 1.5 million thyroid ultrasound exams are done each year in the USA alone. This high volume is due to the fact that lumps, or "nodules" on the thyroid gland are common and although usually benign, can be cancerous. Each ultrasound exam is non-invasive and safe, but incredibly time consuming and potentially error-prone, involving a tedious review of hundreds of images to locate and measure thyroid nodules individually. This process becomes even more difficult and subjective when the gland has multiple nodules. Using artificial intelligence, Medo has revolutionized the process of performing thyroid studies and turned it into a seamless, fast, and objective workflow.

With Medo-Thyroid, the user simply obtains quick video 'sweeps' of each side of the thyroid gland. Medo-Thyroid then seamlessly uses AI to automatically review this data  and a) select the optimal images for analysis, b) calculate standard lobe and isthmus measurements, and c) assist to locate, measure and characterize any nodules present using the well-known TI-RADS system. With this information and a single click, Medo-Thyroid creates an individualized interactive report.

Dr. Jacob Jaremko, a radiologist and co-founder of Medo, explains that "Medo-Thyroid makes thyroid ultrasound a less frustrating test, by presenting thyroid measurements and nodule characteristics in a convenient format. It's especially helpful to radiologists when following up multiple nodules."

Medo-Thyroid contains several key technological breakthroughs, including a cross-referencing ability previously only possible on multi-plane CT and MRI. This feature is designed to assist the user with viewing individual nodules across all planes of interest such as transverse and sagittal.

Dr. Dornoosh Zonoobi, co-founder and CEO of Medo, notes that: "With this product, Medo provides both clinical and financial value to the stakeholders. We are particularly pleased with the feedback we have received from many of the independent clinicians who have used our product  stating that this will greatly benefit them in their everyday workflow."


MEDO is an artificial intelligence technology start-up company dual headquartered in Edmonton, Canada and Singapore. MEDO builds cutting edge artificial intelligence that pairs with ultrasound devices to facilitate novice users' ability to detect common and critical conditions, even in remote and rural areas. MEDO believes that such technology will transform ultrasound for the 21st century. For more information, visit

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