Medical Fish Skin Company Kerecis to Release a Telemedicine App, Providing Access to Personalized Wound-Treatment Product Advice

April 15, 2020 19:16 UTC

ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The new Kerecis telemedicine service, TeleKer, enables healthcare providers to get timely, personalized advice on how to treat wounds with Kerecis products. Healthcare professionals can use the telemedicine app to review and discuss cases through video with the Kerecis Medical Affairs team, look up product and scientific literature, get reimbursement information, and contact their facility’s account manager.

The TeleKer app is designed to support healthcare professionals in the use of Kerecis products, including Kerecis Omega3 Wound, Kerecis Omega3 Burn and the Kerecis Primary Wound Spray. These products are rich in naturally occurring fatty acids, which enhance wound healing. When grafted onto damaged human tissue, such as a diabetic or burn wound, the Kerecis fish skin products recruit the body’s own cells and ultimately are converted into living tissue.

“Burns, acute and chronic wounds can have debilitating effects on patients, often leading to complications and even amputations,” said Chris Harte, Chief Operating Officer of Kerecis. “This telemedicine app includes key technical information and a direct video link from the healthcare provider to our Medical Affairs professionals, who can provide real-time product advice.”

“Among other benefits, this technology extends our support to restricted or remote areas, allowing patients to benefit from Kerecis’ wound-care technologies regardless of location. TeleKer helps address the challenges of healthcare access, which have become more acute during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.

“We greatly appreciate Kerecis’ commitment to innovation during this difficult time,” said Christy Donley, Program Director of Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, Georgia. “The TeleKer app has everything we need. Being able to access live support, application education and other information helps us better understand how, when and why Kerecis will best benefit our patients. This app encourages my team to utilize Kerecis with more confidence.”

TeleKer is currently being used in targeted key locations and will be broadly available for iOS, iPadOS and Android devices in May. For further information, contact

About Kerecis

Kerecis is pioneering the use of fish skin and fatty acids in the globally expanding cellular therapy and regenerative medicine market. The fatty-acid-rich products from the company’s patented technologies protect the body’s own tissues and enable the body to regenerate tissues.

The Kerecis products, which are based on fatty-acid-rich (including Omega3) fish skin and other important fish and plant-derived fatty acids, are currently being used to protect and regenerate tissue in diabetic and trauma wounds, and for infection control.

The company‘s mission is to extend human life by supporting the body’s own ability to protect and regenerate tissues and its vision is to become world leader in regenerating damage of the human body by sustainably harnessing nature’s own remedies. For more information, visit

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