Mediatech, Inc. Announces New Pancreas Preservation Solution

Published: Sep 28, 2006

HERNDON, Va., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Superior quality and exceptional Sterility Assurance Levels (SAL) has made Mediatech, Inc. the primary manufacturer and supplier for the growth media and sterile solutions used in isolation and transplantation of islets. Through research, infusion of isolated islet cells into the portal vein of the liver has shown great promise as a therapy to reverse diabetes. Recently, Mediatech announced the addition of a new Pancreas Preservation Solution.

It is imperative to sustain the integrity of the human pancreas from procurement through islet extraction. Through the combined research of the University of Alberta under Dr. Jonathan Lakey, PhD and the University of Miami DRI under Dr. Camillo Ricordi MD, a new and improved pancreas preservation solution has been developed for such purposes. This new solution has the inherent quality of past preservation solutions but includes added excipients shown to increase the stability and viability of the pancreas in utilization of the Islet Cell Transplantation process.

The Pancreas Preservation Solution will be introduced this week at the 5th International Islet Isolation Workshop in Lille, France. The workshop, involving more than 50 participants from 5 continents, will present an overview of human islet isolation and transplantation.

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CONTACT: Lauren Supko of Mediatech, Inc., +1-703-471-5955 or

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CONTACT: Lauren Supko of Mediatech, Inc., +1-703-471-5955

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