Invitation To Review: EAACI Allergen Immunotherapy Guidelines

Published: Jun 07, 2017

Allergen Immunotherapy (AIT) has an important role in the management of many allergic diseases. AIT can often achieve symptom control where pharmacotherapy fails, and it can also alter the natural history of allergic diseases.

Set as a key Presidential initiative within the 2015-2017 term, the project started in April 2015. A selection of dedicated Taskforces developed evidence based guidelines to support healthcare professionals in using AIT to provide sustainable patient care.
Split into two sections, Part 1; systematic reviews and Part 2; providing practical recommendations, the AIT Guidelines focus on:

  • Prevention of allergy
  • Venom allergy
  • IgE-mediated food allergy
  • Allergic asthma (new - uploaded 6 June 2017)
  • Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
  • Primary care
  • Regulatory aspects of allergen products

As a significant step in the creation of the Part 2 AIT Guidelines, chapters are now being made available until 24:00 on 13 June 2017 for public review and commentary.

After feedback has been gathered, all the chapters, will be revised before publishing in autumn 2017.

We hereby invite all interested individuals, societies and stakeholders to study the documents and provide their valuable input via the dedicated online platform.

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