Integrated DNA Technologies Oligos Used to Increase Efficiency of Detecting Genetic Variation

Published: Mar 19, 2012

CORALVILLE, IA (19th March 2012) – Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the world leader in oligonucleotide synthesis, provides oligonucleotides to the Hubrecht Institute, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science and the University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. Scientists within Prof Dr Edwin Cuppen’s laboratory are using IDT oligos in experiments that detect mutations using targeted genomic enrichment (TGE). Initial approaches used microarrays and in-solution methods with DNA or RNA probes, however these approaches only allowed enrichment of a single sample. The group has recently outlined a more cost-effective method of TGE, utilizing standard and barcoded oligos, and degenerate primers, which enables multiplexing of samples. As a result, the laboratory has an efficient, yet flexible means of targeted genomic enrichment for next generation sequencing (NGS).

Prof Dr Cuppen commented, “The quality of IDT oligos is constant and I do not know of any situation in which we have experienced problems with specific primers or primer sets.” The oligo quality is essential for demanding applications such as NGS, where the reliability and repeatability of resulting data is key.

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