How Do Biopharma Professionals Prefer to Job Hunt?

Published: Feb 07, 2013

How Do Biopharma Professionals Prefer to Job Hunt? By Angela Rose,

To say the biopharma industry has had a few tough years would be an understatement. With big pharma layoffs rampant and outsourcing becoming more prominent, biopharmaceutical workers have feared for their jobs. In fact, a Cold Chain IQ report on the big pharma global recession found that 44.4 percent of the employees surveyed were concerned about losing their positions in 2012.

Fortunately, things are looking up for this vital industry and its workers. Consider the recent Cold Chain IQ report on supply chain security. Survey results indicated that the outlook of most professionals was positive—and they expected significant growth in 2013. Ninety-four percent of respondents even expected their company’s staffing level to remain steady or increase this year.

All signs indicate a need to hire is approaching for many biopharma organizations—whether to satisfy growing production or replace recent retirees. But how do today’s professionals prefer to job hunt? The answer to this question will enable you to source the highest quality job applicants for your biopharma jobs.

Some Biopharma Professionals Prefer a Passive Job Search

Looking for a new job takes time. That’s something many established biopharma professionals just don’t have. Yet, while they are not actively sending out resumes or networking, they may still have an interest in hearing about better opportunities. We can consider their job search a “passive” one.

There are a lot of these individuals. According to a 2012 survey by one major online job board, 74 percent of workers are open to new opportunities, even if they’re not making the job search part of their regular routine. These include highly skilled biopharma professionals with years of experience as well as those just entering the industry—and it’s up to you to find them.

Some Biopharma Professionals Prefer Referrals

Current employees and industry associates are often excellent sources of biopharma candidate referrals. Most professionals tell friends and family about their job search for a new job. Many spread the word around at networking events and other industry gatherings as well. Ask your staff and professional associates for referrals and you’re likely to discover a few high quality candidates who may be interested in a move to your organization.

Active and Passive Biopharma Job Seekers are News Consumers

Successful biopharma professionals know how important it is to stay current on news, events, and changes in their industry. Like most of the U.S., they’re increasingly turning to the Internet for this purpose—frequently visiting news sites devoted to biopharma topics. is among them. Recent data revealed that half of the site’s visitors come for the content. The other half come to post resumes and search for open positions on the website’s extensive job board. Employers and recruiters. who utilize this versatile tool can reach high quality active and passive job seekers with minimal effort—improving the efficiency of the hiring process.

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