Genovis Expands Its Product Portfolio And Launches Three Products For Glycan Analysis

2017-05-30 09:17
Genovis is expanding its product portfolio and launching three unique enzymes for glycan analysis. OpeRATOR™ is a completely unique protease that cleaves proteins at the exact site of a certain type of glycan. OglyZOR™ and SialEXO™ have improved performance compared with other similar enzymes on the market and together with OpeRATOR offer a unique and cutting edge option in the field of glycan analysis. All enzyme products were developed in-house at Genovis and are patent pending.
Development of new biological drugs and research for better treatments for severe diseases require new tools. Through close contact with customers, Genovis came to understand that the field of O-glycan analysis poses major challenges. Glycans are a type of sugar molecule often found on proteins such as antibodies and Genovis’ new enzymes for O-glycan analysis are primarily of interest for pharmaceutical companies that are developing biopharmaceuticals and researchers in the field of glycomics. “For some time we have understood that O-glycan analysis is particularly challenging for researchers who work with new types of biopharmaceuticals and that existing tools on the market pose a limiting factor for those who work in this field. We have therefore worked intensively to develop tools that can help researchers and the pharmaceutical industry to understand O-glycans and provide quality control using a better, more convenient method,” says Fredrik Olsson, CEO of Genovis. The launch of the O-glycan portfolio is Genovis’ third product launch this spring and a total of five products have been launched to date this year. The products for O-glycan analysis will be presented at the international ASMS conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, which will be held June 4-8. The company launched GlyCLICK™, a new technology for labeling antibodies, in April, and FabALACTICA for analysis of antibody-based drugs was launched in May. With the launch of OpeRATOR, OglyZOR and SialEXO, Genovis will now have twelve unique enzymes for protein and antibody analysis in the product portfolio, as well as one product for labeling antibodies. MORE ABOUT O-GLYCANS There are two main types of glycans (sugar chains) that sit on proteins: N-glycans and O-glycans. O-glycans are more difficult to analyze since their attachment to protein sites is less predictable, while at the same time no tools, such as those used for N-glycans, are available to analyze them. Many human proteins contain O-glycans and research suggests that they are of great importance to biological processes. For more information about o-glycans:

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