Entia Biosciences Files Nutrigenomics Patent for Hair, Skin, and Nails

Published: Jan 07, 2013

SHERWOOD, Ore., Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Entia Biosciences (OTCBB: ERGO), a food science biotechnology company and emerging leader in the field of Nutrigenomics, announced today that it has filed a PCT patent covering the use of Ergothioneine and/or Vitamin D2 to improve the growth and health of hair, skin and nails. The scientific knowledge underpinning this application claims priority to a provisional use patent filed on December 29, 2011 that addresses naturally and synthetically produced forms of these important nutrients and the products that contain them.

Research conducted by Entia and others suggests that the rapidly dividing stem cells of the hair, skin, and nails are particularly sensitive to damage and oxidative stress from free radicals, the unstable molecules that the body produces when it metabolizes food into energy. Free radicals are unstable because they have an uneven number of electrons and try to bind with normal molecules to steal an electron in a process called oxidation, which uncontrolled can lead to a chain reaction producing more and more free radicals and inflammation that can seriously impair the health and rejuvenation of cells, the immune system, and the expression of our DNA. Oxidation and/or oxidative stress accelerates the processes of aging, such as the breakdown of collagen in skin and the premature loss and discoloration of hair.

Our bodies try to protect us from this damage by producing enzymes (glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, reductase, and catalase) that help to control the free radicals created from our normal body processes. However, they are not capable of handling this function without the help of antioxidants, the protective molecules from our diet that bind to unstable free radicals and neutralize them by providing an electron. Ergothioneine and Vitamin D2 are two of the most powerful antioxidants in nature and the disclosed invention describes how their ingestion and/or topical application can delay and reverse the damaging effects of oxidation in the hair, skin, and nails. The Nation of Canada recently published a Notice of Allowance for Entia's use of Ergothioneine and its genetic transporter (SLC22A4) in the treatment of a wide variety of inflammatory diseases, including diabetes, Alopecia and psoriasis, and other Ergothioneine and Vitamin D2 patents have been issued or are pending in N. America, Europe, and Asia.

"Beautiful and vibrant hair, skin and nails are the most obvious outward indications of a person's health and vitality," says Marvin S. Hausman MD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entia Biosciences. "Changes in their appearance can be devastating in our society, signaling the loss of our youth and the fear that something more serious may be occurring within our bodies. Entia is aware that the complex anatomy of skin, hair and nails represents a dynamic cellular system that requires a combination of targeted nutrition from the inside as well as the outside. The new knowledge of nutritional regulation contained within this patent is critical for the development of effective anti-aging strategies and the prevention and treatment of diseases afflicting millions of people around the world."

Rapidly dividing cells, especially in the skin, hair and nails that are directly exposed to environmental hazards such as ultraviolet radiation, locally applied chemicals and toxins, are systems that are particularly sensitive to oxidative stress and free radical damage. This sensitivity can be seen in the many women that experience hair loss during and after pregnancy, as well as hair loss and premature graying associated with emotional stress, hormonal imbalance, thyroid imbalance and nutritional deficiencies. Entia's proprietary ErgoD2® formulations are designed to deliver the vital nutrients needed for healthy stem cell function, which is critical to the anti-aging process.

About Entia Biosciences

Entia is an authority on the clinical effects of oxidative stress and free radical reactions and is bringing this expertise to food science biotechnology and the field of nutrigenomics. The Company identifies, scientifically validates, patents, and commercializes solutions that address multi-billion dollar markets for health, beauty and agriculture.

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