Enrollment Opens For Program Providing Savings On Pfizer Medicines For 43 Million Uninsured

NEW YORK, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pfizer Inc announced today that America's uninsured can start saving on their Pfizer medicines by calling the Pfizer Helpful Answers(TM) toll-free number or accessing the web site.

Every one of America's uninsured, regardless of age or income, can call toll free to 1-866-706-2400 or log onto the Internet at http://www.pfizerhelpfulanswers.com/ to find out how to get Pfizer medicines for free or at significant savings. The toll-free number features trained, bi- lingual (English and Spanish) operators who will help patients find and enroll in the best Pfizer program for their needs. Information about the programs and applications can be accessed at http://www.pfizerhelpfulanswers.com/ .

"Anyone who needs a Pfizer medicine and does not have insurance covering prescriptions should take advantage of Helpful Answers," said Hank McKinnell, chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer.

"This new effort is meant to immediately address one of the challenges that the uninsured face in staying healthy - access to prescription medicines. By helping the uninsured get appropriate preventive care, we can help them stay healthier and decrease the need for expensive acute care that burdens our system." Helpful Answers provides one-stop-shopping to help America's uninsured identify and enroll in the Pfizer program that is best for them, including existing Pfizer patient assistance initiatives and the new Pfizer Pfriends(TM) program, announced July 7, 2004. Helpful Answers also will refer patients to other programs for which they may be eligible, such as Medicaid, state prescription assistance programs and other publicly funded programs.

Pfizer Helpful Answers provides the greatest savings for those with the lowest incomes and offers something for every person without prescription medicine insurance, regardless of age or income.

  -- Families earning less than $31,000 qualify for free Pfizer medicines,
      through existing Pfizer programs: Sharing the Care(R) and Connection
      to Care(TM);

  -- Through Pfizer Pfriends, families earning less than $45,000 a year will
      see savings up to 50 percent, and averaging about 37 percent, off
      retail prices on Pfizer medicines; and,

  -- Through Pfizer Pfriends, families earning more than $45,000 will be
      eligible for savings up to 25%, and averaging 15 percent, off retail
      prices on Pfizer medicines.

Pfizer has already begun working with partners to get the word out about this new, easy-access system by distributing information at outreach events in Georgia, Mississippi and Iowa. Over the coming weeks and months, Pfizer will work with government officials, more than 40 national organizations, and thousands of local organizations nationwide to educate eligible patients about the program. Pfizer's partners in this effort will include many of the health associations that strive to bring quality health care to the uninsured, such as the National Medical Association and Easter Seals.

America's uninsured who need help getting access to Pfizer medicines can call Helpful Answers at 1-866-706-2400 or log onto the Internet at http://www.pfizerhelpfulanswers.com/ . For help with non-Pfizer medicines, patients can log onto http://www.helpingpatients.org/ .

Quotes in Support of Pfizer Helpful Answers(TM) Arkansas Quote from Governor Mike Huckabee (R): "We all need to be doing more to give people better information about how they can access the health care system in the most efficient way. I think Pfizer is taking a step in the right direction with this effort to explain to all Arkansans that there may be savings available on certain prescription drugs. Navigating the health care system is very complex for millions of Americans, and the public and private sector need to be constantly working together to simplify the process." Number of uninsured in Arkansas: 431,300(1) Michigan 1086 Quote from Governor Jennifer M. Granholm (D): "This program brings us one step closer to ensuring that all of our citizens have access to affordable prescription drugs." Number of uninsured in Michigan: 1,086,860(2) African American Population Quote from Dr. Winston Price, President, National Medical Association: "Through our 30,000 African-American physicians, the National Medical Association has been educating patients about Pfizer Helpful Answers. African-American patients are disproportionately affected by lack of insurance and I expect NMA member-physicians will continue telling their patients about the program until as many as need it are enrolled." Number of uninsured African Americans: 6,400,000(3) Latino Population Congresswoman Grace Napolitano (D-CA) Member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus: "I am delighted to learn that Pfizer is addressing long-neglected Hispanic health needs in their offering free/or at significant savings, medications they need. Pfizer's bilingual operators will ensure service is available in a language they are comfortable with, thereby increasing access to more families." Number of uninsured Latinos: 12,300,000(4) Pfizer Helpful Answers is Being Implemented in the United States

All of the components of Pfizer Helpful Answers are being implemented in the United States. Our call centers are located in Pennsylvania and Texas. Pfizer medicines are shipped from New Jersey. Pfizer's mail order fulfillment center is located in South Dakota, and applications are processed in Missouri.

(1), (2) Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. The Uninsured: A Primer, Key Facts about Americans without Health Insurance. December 2003: 1-25.

(3), (4) Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. Health Insurance Coverage in America: 2001 Data Update. 2003.

Pfizer Helpful Answers(TM) Consumer FAQ

Many people have asked questions about Pfizer's Helpful Answers(TM). Here are answers to a few that we receive most frequently.

How do I find out if I am eligible for help getting my Pfizer prescription medicines?

You can call 1-866-706-2400 to find out if you are eligible for savings on your Pfizer prescription medicines. Is there a fee to call or enroll? There is no fee to call Helpful Answers, and there is never a fee to enroll in any Pfizer assistance program. Some of the other programs to which you may be referred (such as the U-Share prescription drug discount card for seniors) may carry modest enrollment fees.

Do I need a doctor's prescription to receive medicines through Helpful Answers?

Yes. A doctor's prescription is needed in order to receive any Pfizer prescription medicine. How can I get my medicines through these programs? Depending on the program, callers can get their medicines from a variety of different places, including many pharmacies, doctor offices, community health centers and hospitals, and even through the mail. What kind of information will I need to provide in order to enroll? Enrollment requirements for Pfizer programs vary by program. Some, like Pfizer Pfriends(TM), require only a simple form. Others require more detailed documentation such as copies of income tax returns. Call 1-866-706-2400 to find out what program you may qualify for and what information you may need to provide. Am I eligible to enroll if I have insurance? If you have insurance coverage for prescription medicines, then you are not eligible for Pfizer's Helpful Answers programs.

If you have other types of health insurance coverage -- for example, for hospital stays and doctor visits -- but not for prescription medicines, then you are eligible for Helpful Answers.

Call 1-866-706-2400 for Helpful Answers.

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