Endotis Pharma EP80061 Small-Glyco Drug To Be Presented At The American Association for Cancer Research Meeting In Washington DC, April 17th To 21st, 2010

Published: Apr 15, 2010

Biocitech Park, Paris, France, April 14th, 2010 - Endotis Pharma, the biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of small-glyco drugs for applications in thrombosis and oncology, today announced that a poster describing preclinical antitumor activity of its EP80061 lead compound will be presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting to be held in Washington DC from April 17th to 21st. The work will be presented in partnership with Oncodesign (abstract # 5459 - booth #1747).

EP80061 is a fully synthetic oligosaccharide generated by Endotis’ unique proprietary EP8000 drug discovery engine. EP80061 has demonstrated significant in vitro inhibition of pro-angiogenic and pro-metastatic factors as well as anti-tumor activity in various animal models. EP80061 is showing strong anti-heparanase activity and part of EP8000 program is dedicated to the development of drugs which target this crucial factor with pleiotropic roles in cancer.

Maurice Petitou, head of Endotis Pharma’s Preclinical Research and Development commented: “EP80061 is one of the first leads generated by Endotis’ EP8000 program and demonstrates the potential of synthetic oligosaccharides in cancer therapy”. Maurice Petitou added: “The EP8000 program has also generated lead compounds with hematopoietic stem cell mobilization activity and Endotis is actively pursuing applications in this field”. The poster will be made available on Endotis Pharma’s website.

About Endotis Pharma (www.endotis.com)

Endotis Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of small-glyco drugs (heparin/heparan sulfate mimetics) for applications in thrombosis and oncology. The company has a pipeline of pre-clinical and clinical stage products addressing niche indications (with high unmet needs) within the thrombosis and oncology fields, allowing faster market access with limited costs and risks. The value of this platform has been demonstrated by Endotis' breakthrough thrombosis franchise of parenteral and oral drugs and a promising oncology pipeline. Endotis has 33 employees based in Paris and Lille (France).

Disclaimer: The development of new drug technologies is difficult, erratic and unpredictable. Endotis Pharma’s forecasts and future economic performance depend on research that has yet to be performed and on a number of other factors. The company's future economic performance may differ significantly from that currently forecast.

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