ElevateBio Announces New U.S. Patents for Lead Life Edit CRISPR Systems and Adenine Deaminases Enabling Advanced Gene Editing Techniques

  • Issued patents provide protection for multiple of Life Edit’s lead adenine deaminases, base editors, and RNA-guided nucleases with applications in base editing and reverse transcriptase editing
  • Patented gene editing enzymes recognize a diverse set of protospacer adjacent motifs and further advance the Company towards its vision to make any edit, anywhere possible
  • ElevateBio is building a robust portfolio of patents protecting its novel technologies while the Company scales as the world’s first integrated genetic medicine foundry

WALTHAM, Mass. and DURHAM, N.C., May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ElevateBio, LLC (ElevateBio), a technology-driven company focused on powering the creation of life-transforming genetic medicines, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued to Life Edit, ElevateBio’s gene editing business, four new patents covering multiple enzymes. US Patent Nos. 11,981,916, 11,859,181 and 11,926,843 are directed to multiple RNA-guided nucleases (RGNs) and base editors, and US Patent No. 11,981,940 is directed to adenine deaminases and base editors. The patents, which are expected to expire between 2039 and 2041, provide composition and methods of use protection for several of Life Edit’s lead RGNs, adenine deaminases, base editors and reverse transcriptase (RT) editors.

"These newly granted patents underscore the novelty of our Life Edit gene editing systems that are able to make a broad spectrum of DNA edits and accelerate our partners’ development of therapies for some of the world’s most challenging genetic diseases,” said David Hallal, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ElevateBio. “Our continued success in building a robust portfolio of patents protecting our novel technologies is a critical component of our ambition to scale as the world’s first integrated genetic medicine foundry, providing the industry with differentiated technologies and expertise to accelerate the design, development, and manufacturing of transformative therapies.”

ElevateBio’s Life Edit gene editing platform is available to make a broad spectrum of edits – including base editing and reverse transcriptase editing – for the development of ex vivo and in vivo therapies to treat and potentially cure disease. Base editing is a precise gene editing method that allows for the alteration of a single nucleotide base without cutting both strands of DNA, potentially allowing for the correction of genetic mutations associated with disease. RT editing, also known as prime editing, involves cutting a DNA strand and then rewriting or replacing a genomic sequence with a new genetic sequence, aiming to correct disease-causing genetic mutations.

Life Edit’s RNA-guided nucleases were developed using a proprietary collection of non-pathogenic microbes, which offer gene editing tools with higher fidelity, novel functionality, and easier delivery. The RGNs are smaller in size when compared to conventional nucleases, potentially enabling greater versatility for therapeutic delivery. Life Edit's nuclease collection features a range of Protospacer Adjacent Motifs (PAMs), short sequences that determine the DNA segments in the genome to which a nuclease can bind. Life Edit’s broad range of PAMs increases access to a greater diversity of sites where therapeutically meaningful edits can be made.

About ElevateBio:
ElevateBio is a technology-driven company built to power transformative genetic medicines today and for many decades to come. The Company commercializes its enabling technologies, manufacturing capabilities, and industry-leading expertise through partnerships to accelerate development across a breadth of therapeutic approaches and modalities. The ElevateBio ecosystem combines multiple R&D technology platforms – including Life Edit, a next-generation, full-spectrum gene editing platform; comprehensive cell engineering technologies; and an expanded viral and non-viral therapeutic delivery platform – with BaseCamp®, its end-to-end genetic medicine cGMP manufacturing and process development business, to accelerate the discovery and development of advanced therapeutics.

ElevateBio aims to be the dominant engine inside the world’s greatest scientific advancements harnessing human cells and genes to alter disease. For more, visit www.elevate.bio or follow ElevateBio on LinkedIn or X.

About Life Edit Therapeutics Inc.
Life Edit, ElevateBio’s next-generation gene editing business, offers one of the world’s largest and most diverse libraries of RNA-guided nucleases (RGNs), base editors, and reverse transcriptase (RT) editors that provide flexible editing and unprecedented access to the genome. The platform allows Life Edit to target any genomic sequence and potentially develop novel human therapeutics for the most challenging genetic diseases by enabling ex vivo engineering for cell therapies and regenerative medicines and in vivo delivery of gene therapies. In addition to developing its own pipeline of cell and gene therapies, Life Edit will continue to strengthen its platform of genome-editing enzymes, provide gene-editing expertise to strategic partners, and form other third-party partnerships to discover and develop new therapies.

For more, visit www.lifeeditinc.com or follow Life Edit on LinkedIn or X.

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