DNASTAR's De Novo Bacterial Genome Assembly App Now Available in Illumina, Inc.'s BaseSpace Apps

Published: Nov 06, 2012

MADISON, Wisconsin – November 6, 2012 – DNASTAR® today announced it has added a de novo bacterial genome assembly application to Illumina’s BaseSpace Apps, Illumina’s dedicated applications store and informatics community dedicated to advancing genomic analysis.

The DNASTAR de novo bacterial genome assembly app supports rapid assembly of Illumina sequence reads using DNASTAR’s proprietary SeqMan NGen program and patented assembly algorithms. As the only de novo assembly app on BaseSpace, DNASTAR’s app provides convenient functionality to Illumina customers that would not otherwise be available to them in BaseSpace.

Tom Schwei, Vice President and General Manager of DNASTAR, commented, “DNASTAR has long been known as a company that provides outstanding software to life scientists on their desktop computers. This new BaseSpace app represents the first expansion of our offering into the cloud. We are delighted to provide our software capabilities to Illumina customers in BaseSpace. Users will now have a new way to accomplish their research objectives, with the same positive user experience and customer support that they’ve come to expect from DNASTAR throughout our long history serving this market.”

DNASTAR’s de novo bacterial genome assembly app will allow life scientists to assemble paired-end reads from Illumina HiSeq or MiSeq instruments directly in BaseSpace. Results can initially be visualized by launching a genome browser from within BaseSpace. In addition, users of the app will be provided with a free trial version of DNASTAR Lasergene to support further analysis of the de novo assembly results, including visualization, gap closure, scaffold building and contig alignment. Informatics solutions available through BaseSpace Apps will allow customers to utilize the tools from a growing community of academic, commercial, and open source providers. To demonstrate the utility of this rapidly growing toolset, BaseSpace customers will have free access to all of the BaseSpace Apps until January 1, 2013.


DNASTAR, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, (www.DNASTAR.com) is a pioneer in the development and sale of desktop software used to increase life scientists’ productivity. DNASTAR’s comprehensive software suite, Lasergene, supports molecular biologists and geneticists in meeting virtually all of their DNA, RNA and protein sequence needs, including Sanger and next-generation sequence assembly and analysis, with easy to use, affordable computer software.


Tom Schwei VP & General Manager


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