Developmental Disability Providers in Oklahoma Use Therap for Tracking Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Therap's integrated employment tracking tools provide a comprehensive summary of employment training and supports


OKLAHOMA CITY, July 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- With rising budget concerns over developmental disabilities services - especially waiver employment services - funded by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and consequent efforts to cut costs, providers will require solutions that are cost effective and save time. For community-based rehabilitation programs offering supported employment services under the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), Therap offers an array of tools to track a range of related supports documentation including employment history, school-to-work transitions and volunteer history. Therap's employment tools allow job coaches, VR coaches and employment support professionals to document in the field and record job coaching notes, employment training, work skills and more.

Therap's employment module allows for recording a comprehensive summary of employment services in one place. It details assessments and accomplishments the individual has made throughout their work experience. Staff can access accurate information on a consistent basis, from the point of service.

Therap's employment tool is integrated with person-centered support planning tools that allow facilitation of the Individualized Plan for employment. Users can identify needs, create an action plan and collect service data accordingly. Additionally, with Therap's scheduling and mobile documentation app on Android and iOS, staff can directly record service data, including date, duration and location from their handheld devices. With Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) features including check in/out, GPS location mapping and photo upload, allowing supervisors to quickly verify the services provided, and generate reports to measure progress or total service time spent per outcome, and pull data from all areas of employment too.

Visit the Therap Oklahoma state page to learn more about documenting employment and other services on Therap.

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Therap's HIPAA, ARRA and HITECH compliant LTSS software applications are widely used in home and community-based services (HCBS) and other ID/DD provider settings for documentation, communication and reporting. The web-based system by Therap provides person-centered planning and assists with case management and eligibility assessments for support providers and state organizations working with developmental disabilities. Secure applications offered by Therap include individual support modules such as incident reports, medication administration records (MAR), behavior tracking, case management, individual service plans and goal tracking, health records, supported employment notes, nursing notes and progress notes among others.

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