Counsyl to Offer Insight Into Streamlining Genetic Screening Into OBGYN Practice at the 2018 ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting

Counsyl will also host a product theater titled “Addressing Patient Confusion Around Genetic Testing”
SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Counsyl, a genetic screening company, will share insights into how OBGYNs can seamlessly integrate genetic screening into their practices at the 2018 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting, held from April 27 to April 30 in Austin, Texas. Counsyl’s team will discuss how the Counsyl CompleteTM suite of solutions helps providers adopt genetic screening by facilitating pre-test patient education, transparent price estimates, integrated ordering, automated and tracked results delivery, and access to on-demand genetic counseling.

Additionally, on Sunday, April 29, Counsyl will host a product theater focused on providing physicians with practical tips that enable discussions about genetic screening with their patients. The session, entitled “Addressing Patient Confusion Around Genetic Testing,” will feature Rebecca Booth, MD, FACOG from Women First Obstetrics and Gynecology and Katherine Diase, MD, FACOG from Southwest OBGYN Associates. Together, they will deliver perspectives on integrating genetic screening into OBGYN practices along with practical approaches on how to talk to patients about genetic screening in both the prenatal and annual exam settings. The session will be held from 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm, Salon H, 6th Floor, at the Hilton Austin. Following the product theater presentation, Counsyl will be providing patient education kits at the booth (#5032).

“While an increasing number of OBGYNs recognize the power of offering access to genetic screening and counseling through their practices, there still exists a great deal of confusion among patients about the role genetic screening can play in their lives,” said James Goldberg, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Counsyl. “That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Dr. Booth and Dr. Diase, two recognized leaders in their field, to present common sense approaches to explaining genetic screening to patients. The more we educate patients on the benefits of expanded carrier screening, non-invasive prenatal screening and hereditary cancer screening, the closer we can get to realizing the benefits of routine genetic screening for eligible patients.”

A key focus at Counsyl’s booth (#5032) this year is tips on how OBGYNs can seamlessly integrate genetic screening into their practice. Through Counsyl CompleteTM, a proprietary suite of solutions designed to facilitate practice integration, Counsyl supports providers and their patients throughout the genetic screening process, with pre-test education, billing support, clear results reporting, and on-demand genetic counseling. These support services simplify the process of adding Counsyl’s genetic screens into an OBGYN’s routine clinical care plan. Counsyl’s three screening products include:

  • Counsyl Foresight™ Carrier Screen delivers on Counsyl’s reputation as the US leader and pioneer of expanded carrier screening (ECS) and is designed to maximize detection of at-risk couples for serious, prevalent, and clinically-actionable conditions.
  • Counsyl Prelude™ Prenatal Screen is a non-invasive prenatal screen (NIPS) with an industry-leading low test failure rate of 0.1%, which means fewer unnecessary invasive procedures and less patient anxiety.
  • Counsyl Reliant™ Cancer Screen analyzes genes associated with an increased risk of 10 common cancers, including breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. It features a panel with >99.9% sensitivity, specificity and accuracy across all variant and sample types.

“Counsyl Complete is truly a tailor-made solution for physicians looking to ease the integration of genetic screening and counseling into their practices,” Dr. Goldberg said. “Not only does it help doctors eliminate patient confusion around screening and results, it offers numerous benefits that support various practice efficiencies. With Counsyl Complete, our objective is to help OBGYNs remove barriers to care.”

About Counsyl

Counsyl provides actionable information that guides women and their families in making critical and timely health decisions. Counsyl operates a high-complexity clinical laboratory that offers the Foresight™ Carrier Screen, Prelude™ Prenatal Screen and Reliant™ Cancer Screen, and as well as supporting services through Counsyl Complete™, a proprietary suite of solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate Counsyl screening into clinic workflows and patients’ lives. Our custom-designed clinical laboratory provides highly reliable results, fast test processing speeds and rapid scalability, all at low capital and operating costs. Since 2007, we’ve worked with tens of thousands of providers to deliver over one million patient results. For more information, visit

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