Cell>Point and HYUN IMC Expand License in South Korea to Include Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd for Cancer and Heart Disease Imaging

Published: Mar 12, 2013

CENTENNIAL, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cell>Point announced today that it entered into a license agreement on December 17, 2012 with Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Hanmi) who is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. The license agreement also includes HYUN IMC as a party (who Cell>Point previously entered into a license with in February 2012 and subsequently amended and restated the license agreement with HYUN IMC on December 4, 2012). The license agreement with Hanmi covers the kit manufacture, marketing and distribution of Cell>Point’s cancer and cardiology imaging product based on its Ethylenedicysteine-Glucosamine (EC-G) technology platform. The initial product will be technetium-99m labeled EC-G (99mTc-EC-G) for SPECT and SPECT/CT imaging. Downstream, the license agreement will cover gallium-68 labeled EC-G (68Ga-EC-G) for PET/CT imaging. In addition, Hanmi has been granted a Right of First Refusal regarding Cell>Point’s cold metallic therapeutic products Platinum-EC-G and 187Rhenium-EC-G, and two imaging products, 99mTc-EC-Annexin V to image tumor cell apoptosis, and 99mTc-EC-Metronidazole to image tumor cell hypoxia.

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