Boston-Based Startup AZOTH LLC Tackles Worker Exhaustion With Launch of Crash-Free Dietary Supplement

BOSTON, April 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Neutraceutical company AZOTH LLC introduces TOTAL ENERGY, a dietary supplement created to counteract worker fatigue and increase productivity without the unwanted aftereffects experienced with other energy products.

A survey conducted by the National Safety Council found that 76% of respondents feel tired at work; 27% have trouble making decisions; 53% feel less productive; 39% have trouble remembering, and 44% have trouble focusing. This is bad for both the business and the employee.

Tired people make more mistakes, have more accidents, have trouble solving problems, and are generally less pleasant to be around. A study by RAND Europe determined that worker exhaustion costs American businesses approximately $411 billion AND 1.2 MILLION working days per year.

Until now, people feeling tired or exhausted could choose to just stay tired, take an ineffective supplement backed by massive marketing hype, or down unhealthy levels of stimulants. AZOTH's CEO Prady Tewarie explained, "When I studied the market, I found only two kinds of products. On the one extreme were massive stimulants in things like pre-workout shakes often used by body builders and on the other extreme were weak supplements with low doses and lots of filler. I set out to create a product that provides long lasting, smooth energy with no crash, and that also helps with focus, stress, and anxiety. TOTAL ENERGY is that product."

Nearly all energy drinks, shakes, and supplements rely heavily on caffeine. And while caffeine has plenty of benefits, it also has drawbacks. And it may surprise people to learn that caffeine doesn't actually produce any energy. What it really does is block adenosine receptors in your brain. Adenosine is what makes you feel tired. By blocking access to the receptors, caffeine holds back the fatigue. That makes you FEEL more energetic, but you don't actually HAVE more energy. And the downside is that when the caffeine leaves your system, all that adenosine comes rushing into your brain at once, causing you to feel even more tired and rundown than you did before.

People who've tried AZOTH's TOTAL ENERGY supplement describe feeling fully awake, aware, and dialed in without feeling wired, jittery, or irritable. And the effect lasts all day and doesn't end with a debilitating crash.

TOTAL ENERGY is AZOTH LLC's second product, after its flagship product, AZOTH 2.0 was a blockbuster success, selling close to 15,000 units worldwide in its first few months and reaching the top spot on Amazon in its category.


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