BNG Enterprises, the Leader in Same-day Detox, Announces Aggressive Brand Protection Measures

TEMPE, Ariz., June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- BNG, the parent company of Herbal Clean QCarbo same day detox, announced a MAP Policy in 2017 to ensure the investment in its brick and mortar retailers. In addition to announcing the MAP Policy, BNG is policing with strict enforcement of this policy on all online 3rd party marketplaces as its first line of defense.

"Although retail is being reinvented, Herbal Clean hasn't forgotten its roots. We know the strong, smart and savvy retailers are in it for the long haul and Herbal Clean is proud to be represented by stores like you. Because of this relationship, we have forged a plan to protect our retail partners. With strict policies and enforcements, Herbal Clean is committed to allowing our resellers to maintain high profit margins through the sale of Herbal Clean products under this MAP Policy." Brad Grossman, CEO BNG Enterprises

BNG is committed to the relationships we forge with our retail stores. Because of this, we go to grave lengths to keep the integrity and brand authority by enforcing a strict MAP Policy with all of our retailers. Whether online or in a retail store, BNG's goal is for Herbal Clean products to be advertised at the published Minimum Advertised Price or higher; this helps ensure the investment for all of BNG's brick and mortar customers who provide valuable education, product assistance and support to their customers. This also helps prevent authorized sellers from entering price wars, allowing them to compete with other factors, such as better customer support and a great buying experience, instead of worrying about rogue sellers undercutting their competitors focusing on short-term profits.

BNG has partnered with MarketTrack, a company that tracks and enforces all pricing on various online marketplaces. Together, we monitor listings and identify those sellers who are violating the MAP Policy. Herbal Clean has a zero tolerance policy, which means MAP violators will no longer be able to purchase or sell Herbal Clean products if the MAP violations are not corrected within the published MAP timelines.

In addition to our MAP Policy, BNG also published a Brand Protection Policy for Distributors in an effort to help safeguard the reputation of BNG, ensure the long-term viability of each of its brands, and protect the investment of those Distributors that provide valuable services to customers. BNG implementation of this policy will determine the sale and distribution of all BNG Products to and through the BNG distribution channels including, but not limited to, brick and mortar retailers, online retailers, e-commerce, and all 3rd party marketplaces.

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