Biotech Support Group Release: Albumin Depletion for Secretome Sample Preparation Via AlbuVoid™ for Cellular Modeling Systems

Published: Nov 12, 2012

PRLog (Press Release) - Nov 10, 2012 - MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ.– Inventors Narain et al published United States Patent 20120258874 titled, “INTERROGATORY CELL-BASED ASSAYS AND USES THEREOF” describing the invention of a cellular modeling system which develops molecular signatures allowing scientists to gain insight into the mechanisms of disease by providing information on tissue microenvironment. The patent emphasizes a systems biology approach in which diseased cells are subjected to environmental stimuli, high throughput biological readouts and bioinformatic analysis. The invention created “hubs” which are drug discovery candidates obtained from a combination of “network biology, genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, transcriptomic, and bioinformatics tools and methodologies”. Thus information on disease diagnosis or intervention and insight into mechanisms of drug toxicity is obtained. Researchers used AlbuVoid™ for serum albumin depletion for secretome sample preparation. Albumin was depleted from cell culture in serum containing medium using AlbuVoid™ to isolate and identify low abundance proteins.

The patient cites AlbuVoid™ from Biotech Support Group

“In one embodiment, the cells can be cultured in serum containing medium: The volume of the medium can be reduced using 3k MWCO Vivaspin columns (GE Healthcare Life Sciences), then can be reconstituted withlxPBS (Invitrogen). Serum albumin can be depleted from all samples using AlbuVoid column (Biotech Support Group, LLC) following the manufacturer's instructions with the modifications of buffer-exchange to optimize for condition medium application.”

Characteristics of AlbuVoid™

Albumin voids in flow-through >95%, with <30 minute bind/wash/elute protocol

Low abundance enrichment equivalent or better than hexa-peptides or antibodies

Disposable, cost-effective, no column regeneration or cross-contamination

Mild elution maintains tertiary structure and simple transfer to secondary analysis

The eluted fractions retain their enzymatic and biological activity

Removes albumin from many species including human, mouse, sheep, bovine, goat, rat, calf, cell culture. The eluted fraction is compatible with LC-MS, activity based protein profiling and proteomic studies.

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AlbuVoid™ - Albumin Depletion Kit from Serum or Plasma

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Biotech Support Group LLC is a leading provider of genomics and proteomics sample preparation products and enrichment reagent kits as well as integrated biotechnology services for life sciences research, biomarker and drug discovery. Based in New Jersey, it’s principal products include: AlbuVoid™ for albumin depletion, Cleanascite™ for lipid adsorption and clarification, NuGel™ for passivated silica-based affinity chromatography, and ProCipitate™ & ProPrep™ for nucleic acid isolation. Biotech Support Group is the leading developer of sample preparation products for separating and purifying hemoglobin from blood samples. HemoVoid™ is a hemoglobin depletion reagent kit from red blood cells and HemogloBind™ is a hemoglobin capture reagent from hemolyzed serum. Currently, Biotech Support Group LLC and ProFACT Proteomics Inc., are collaborating on the development of a proteomics platform used in functional profiling for proteomic analysis and a separations method for generating sub-proteomes used in biomarker and functional proteomic prospecting. For more information, go to:


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