Biomet Inc. Announces Lifetime Limited Implant Replacement Warranty on Oxford® Partial Knee When Implanted With Signature™* Personalized Patient Care System

Published: Sep 25, 2012

WARSAW, Ind.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Biomet announced today a Lifetime Knee Implant Replacement warranty in the U.S., covering the Oxford® Partial Knee utilizing Signature™ technology. With the Lifetime Implant Replacement Warranty, Biomet will cover the cost of a Biomet replacement implant for U.S. patients who received the Oxford® Partial Knee implanted utilizing Signature™ technology and need revision surgery for any reason, subject to the terms and conditions of the written warranty. The warranty is effective for the replacement of Oxford® Partial Knees implanted utilizing Signature™ personalized positioning guides in the United States on or after September 10, 2012. Any additional costs associated with a replacement surgery beyond the Biomet replacement implant will not be covered by Biomet.

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