Automation to Push Molecular Diagnostics Markets to New Level, Avers Frost & Sullivan

Published: Apr 17, 2012

LONDON, April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The potential for enhanced clinical efficiency and reduced costs is fuelling the interest of healthcare stakeholders in preventive medicine. Molecular diagnostics is a vital tool to support this trend. Available molecular diagnostics technologies can detect diseases at very early stages and help monitor the efficacy of therapies being used in disease treatment.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, European Molecular Diagnostics Market,finds that the marketearned revenues of $792.3 million in 2010 and estimates this to reach $1,494.4 million in 2015. The research covers oncology, genetic diseases, infectious diseases and pharmacogenomics segments.

"Technology advances, paralleled by the decreasing cost of automated systems, will boost market prospects," notes Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Dominika Grzywinska. "Automation, in particular, will play an increasingly important role in market expansion."

Many molecular diagnostic methods were historically based on steps of manual pipetting. Automated devices are nowadays replacing them and offer numerous advantages. These include faster turn-around time (TAT), manipulation of smaller volumes of liquids as well as more accurate and quantifiable results, compared to manual methods.

"Automation is currently of interest mostly among large diagnostic laboratories, but it is expected that, over time, automated systems will also be available at smaller laboratories," remarks Grzywinska. "In small and medium-sized laboratories, if automation is implemented at all, it is likely to be based on single function automated devices rather than fully automated, comprehensive systems."

However, automation of molecular diagnostics is still considered to be insufficient. This is especially the case in sample preparation and nucleic acid extraction, where the majority of work is performed manually. This leads to prolonged TAT, which is a challenge, especially when immediate results are required.

A key challenge will be to translate research into proven clinical outcomes. Proof of clinical validity is required when clinical claims are made. Proving clinical validity is also often a requirement for reimbursement of a particular test. However, obtaining such clinical proof is an expensive, lengthy and complex process.

"Partnerships between test developers and companies specialised in marketing of such tests are a good solution to translate innovations into clinically applicable solutions," advises Grzywinska. "Small molecular diagnostics companies do not always have sufficient resources to both develop and then market new tests."

Already, the market is witnessing the emergence of several small market participants, often focused on one segment or even delivering one or a couple of products. These companies are often spin-offs from research institutes or universities. As they often lack the capital for further growth, there is the strong likelihood that they will partner with other companies to successfully market their products.

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