Aureus Pharma Licenses AurWEB To Origenis

PARIS, France, September 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Aureus Pharma a leading provider of knowledge management solutions to accelerate discovery in the life sciences industry, announces that Origenis, a Swiss-German based company who offers creative services in drug design, synthesis and characterization has become the first customer subscribing to its AurWEB portal.

AurWEB allows researchers to gain access to all of Aureus' knowledge databases, which include AurSCOPE GPCR, Ion Channel, Kinase, ADME/Drug-Drug interactions and hERG as well as the accompanying applications. All are available via a highly secure web portal on a subscription basis.

Origenis employs reliable, up-to-date knowledge bases to incorporate relevant biological and pharmacological data into the drug design process. Origenis uses proprietary methods to generate predictive QSAR and QSPR models for its evolutionary design, and creates pre-clinical compounds target and indication optimised using a direct multi-objective approach. "With AurWEB the data integration into MOREsystem® was straightforward" said Dr. Michael Thormann, Managing Director of Origenis GmbH. "AurWeb represents a valuable, exemplary data source. We use AurWeb to turn highly relevant knowledge into powerful models for our technology platform. This accelerates our drug discovery projects and improves the quality of the resulting compounds."

"We are pleased to have Origenis join our growing list of customers," said Dr. Andre Michel of Aureus Pharma. "AurWEB with its flexible access to biological and chemical activity data for important drug target families will complement Origenis approach to discover novel target focussed drug candidates."

About Aureus Pharma

Aureus Pharma headquartered in Paris, France is a privately held knowledge management based solutions provider for the life sciences industry. Aureus Pharma accelerates new drug discovery by providing knowledge databases, which contain high quality quantitative information for both chemistry and biology. Researchers gain rapid access to knowledge for important drug target classes including GPCR, Ion Channel, Kinase as well as other critical pharmaceutical topics including ADME/Drug-Drug Interactions and the hERG Channel. The information contained in the Aureus Pharma system is of primary importance to aid in lead discovery and optimization as well as to build predictive models. For further information on how Aureus Pharma helps researchers turn data into discovery visit

About Origenis

Origenis ( is a privately owned Swiss-German company offering creative services for drug design, synthesis, and characterisation. Its patented and validated technology platform - MOREsystem® - is highly integrated, fast, and unparalleled. Origenis employs sophisticated models for the directed target and indication optimised exploitation of billions of novel compounds through a proprietary multiparametric optimisation process to deliver pre-clinical drug candidates with a priori defined profiles. MOREsystem® has delivered several series of pre-clinical compounds for a variety of targets and indications.

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