Asuragen, Inc. Launches SuraSeq™ Next Generation Sequencing Services

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Asuragen Inc., a leading molecular diagnostic company, announced today the launch of its SuraSeq™ Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Service in its GLP compliant Genomics Services Laboratory. Asuragen’s SuraSeq™ NGS Service was developed specifically for targeted DNA mutation analysis from FFPE and FNA tumor samples to identify both known and de novo mutations. The Service features the SuraSeq™ 200 and the SuraSeq™ 500 cancer panels which target clinically relevant cancer-related molecular pathways, such as the MEK/MAP kinase and PIK3/AKT pathways. In addition, Asuragen scientists have amassed quantitative and predictive QC data from more than 700 real-world FFPE and FNA tumor samples, and this information has been integrated into the sequencing approach to best guide clients in their experimental decision-making. A recent publication in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics describes the validation of the two-step PCR enrichment work?ow used with the SuraSeq™ 500 panel.

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