As Sanofi (France) Moves on, It Leaves a Hole in Bridgewater

Published: Oct 09, 2012

With a 1.2 million-square-foot hole left in the middle of Bridgewater from Sanofi-Aventis’ R&D departure, New Jersey officials are left wondering how to fill the space. Originally, the pharmaceutical giant planned to vacate a 20-building portion of the Route 202/206 Sanofi campus by the end of the year. But things moved more quickly, and Elizabeth Baxter, a company spokeswoman, said Sanofi completed the transfer to Cambridge, Mass., on July 31. While the number of employees laid off from the transfer is unclear, the company transferred about 135 employees to Massachusetts, and maintains about 3,000 employees in New Jersey, 5,000 in Massachusetts and more than 18,000 employees in the United States.

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