ARTES Biotechnology and m2p-labs Join Forces

Published: Feb 26, 2008

Langenfeld / Aachen, 25. February 2008 – ARTES Biotechnology GmbH (Langenfeld) and m2p-labs GmbH (Aachen) announced today the start of a long-term collaboration in clone screening and media optimisation. The two companies combine their proprietary technologies and know-how in yeast expression and high throughput fermentation. In this exclusive collaboration the two companies offer strain selection, physiological characterization and media optimization with the two yeast systems Hansenula polymorpha and Arxula adeninivorans.

The combination of this high-productive expression systems and the powerful BioLector screening tool provide much more physiological data (all common fermentation parameters) at a high throughput level in screening and early bioprocess development. Comparative and quantitative online data of different clones and media under a broad range of engineered process conditions allow know-ledge based decisions in the micro scale, reduces costs and time lines and overcome scale up problems. Both companies are convinced that their clients will profit from this new technology offer by reduced time lines in strain and process development, the availability of new carbon sources and more productive clones and culture conditions. The overall benefit will be in addition to the best expression system also the most productive bioprocess.

ARTES Biotechnology GmbH –

ARTES is a Germany-based biotechnology company specialized in recombinant protein production from yeast expression systems. ARTES offers generation of optimized production cell lines in proprietary yeast expression systems based on Hansenula polymorpha and Arxula adeninivorans. In addition to genetic engineering, the company provides fermentation and downstream process development, analytical assay development and production cell line characterization. ARTES operates worldwide from its 850 sqm S1 facilities in Langenfeld near Duesseldorf. The company focuses on contract R&D for white and red biotechnology products.

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