U.S. Air Force Researchers Discover Isometric Handgrip Can Combat High Blood Pressure

Thousands now use device - Zona Plus - to maintain healthy blood pressure

BOISE, IDAHO / April 23, 2015 -- During the 1970s, a team of scientists working for the U.S. Air Force, under the direction of cardiopulmonary physiologist Dr. Ron Wiley of the University of Miami, Ohio, was commissioned to find a solution to the problem of "G-force blackout" in fighter pilots at the controls of supersonic aircraft.

Pilots can lose vision and consciousness during rapid accelerations and turns when forces 4-to 6-times the earth's gravitational pull are exerted on their bodies. Dr. Wiley and his team discovered, a certain type of isometric handgrip therapy, not only worked wonders to increase pilots' G-force tolerance, but it offered another important benefit:

For some pilots, the therapy worked to reduce their blood pressure, as well. Noting this, Dr. Wiley began an investigation to determine the reason for the drop and how to replicate a similar blood pressure drop for anyone worrying about hypertension.

"After years of testing and refinements, Dr. Wiley's research culminated in the development of a hand-held, computer-assisted isometric device, now commercially available as the Zona Plus," said Steve Wood, CEO of Zona Health. "The device Dr. Wiley's team developed was so successful in lowering my own blood pressure, I put together a team that ended up purchasing the patents, and launching a company in order to market and distribute the device internationally," Wood said. (Zona Health, www.zona.com)

There are more than 20 clinical studies published on the effectiveness of Zona Plus therapy. Studies have appeared in respected, peer-reviewed medical journals, such as: "Journal of Hypertension" and "International Journal of Cardiology." The Zona Plus was also reviewed in "The Harvard Heart Letter," and the "American Heart Association" stated, the therapy can show a 10 percent decrease in blood pressure.

"Researchers all report that an amazing change in blood pressure is possible just by squeezing the device according to the instructions, for as little as 12 minutes daily, five days-per-week," Wood said.

Squeezing this small, hand-held device triggers a healthy change in blood pressure, by producing four beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system:

• Helps to improve function of the endothelium (arterial lining)

• Puts the autonomic nervous system back into balance. A change, called a switch in vagal tone, is tied to helping insure blood vessels dilate properly, and tied to helping the body maintain an appropriate heart rate and healthy hormone secretion from the kidneys

• Stimulates production of nitric oxide and causes opening of blood vessels

• Increases flexibility and reduces stiffness of the arterial system

An electronic brain inside the Zona Plus instructs users to apply the precise amount of squeezing pressure needed for it to generate the greatest cardiovascular benefits.

"It has long been established that doing simple isometric exercises can drop blood pressure by 2 or 3 millimeters," Wood said. "Dr. Wiley and his team found a way to magnify that effect 5- or-6 times, and their research has been incorporated in the development of Zona therapy, utilizing the handheld digital gripping device."


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