SOLVO-XenoTech-Sekisui Transporter and Metabolism Symposium: Lisbon-Portugal, 21 May 2009

Published: Mar 12, 2009

Don’t miss the joint SOLVO-XenoTech-Sekisui Symposium organized immediately after the 11th European ISSX Meeting in Lisbon! Come and learn more about drug transporters and metabolism and meet renowned scientists in the field.


In-vitro methods to study transporter – drug interactions

• Identification of P-gp substrates - correlation studies

• In-vitro assays for BCRP

• Hepatic uptake transporters

• Data analysis and modelling of in-vitro drug transport studies

In-vitro methods to study metabolism of drugs

• Methods for measuring irreversible P450 inhibition

• P450 induction in a high throughput environment (FDA concern)

• Metabolite ID

In-vivo models and IVIVE

• KO animals for transporter and metabolism studies

• Humanized mice

• IVIVE: best practices or real-case scenario

Clinical Significance of transporters

• BSEP inhibition a mediator of toxicity

• Effect of OATP polymorphism on the pharmacokinetics of drugs

• Clinical significance of expression and polymorphism of transporters in tissues other than the liver Regulatory issues on ADME testing

• Regulatory hot topics – industrial point of view

• Regulatory hot topics in Japan

• Regulatory issues in Europe

Program is subject to change.

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