Lonza's L-Carnipure L-Carnitine Increases Fatty Acid Oxidation

BASEL, Switzerland, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Swiss company Lonza announced today that a new study confirms that supplementation with L-Carnipure(R) L-Carnitine can significantly increase fatty acid oxidation in healthy adults. This company-sponsored study conducted at the University of Rostock (Germany) has been published in Metabolism, Vol 53, No 8:1002-1006, 2004.

L-Carnitine occurs naturally in the human body and is frequently referred to as the "energy nutrient". This is because its primary physiological role in the human body relates to the generation of energy from fat. L-Carnitine carries long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are oxidized for energy. Among physically active people who supplement with this nutrient to help with post-exercise recovery, L-Carnitine has been popular for many years. Extensive clinical research indicates that L-Carnitine promotes cardiovascular health, and studies also suggest that L-Carnitine may be useful as part of a weight management program.

The present clinical study was conducted under guidance of Prof. Klaus D. Wutzke. It was set up to verify the breakthrough results published by Muller et al. (Metabolism, 2002) who were the first to conclusively show that oral L-Carnitine supplementation stimulates fatty acid metabolism in healthy adults. By using a different approach, namely a combined 15N-, 13C-tracer technique, the effects of oral L-Carnipure(R) L-Carnitine supplementation (3x1.5 g L-Carnitine L-Tartrate/day for 10 days) on long chain fatty acid oxidation in slightly overweight adults were investigated. After oral administration of the labelled fatty acids and the amino acid glycine, 15N- and 13C-enrichment in breath was measured by isotope ratio mass spectrometry. The researchers observed a significant increase in 13CO2 exhalation after L-Carnitine supplementation, which indicates an increase in fatty acid oxidation. "We are pleased to confirm the pioneering results obtained by Muller et al. in our study," said Prof. Wutzke.

Ulla Held, Manager Scientific Affairs at Lonza, comments, "We're glad to have two excellent studies in hand which show an increase in fatty acid oxidation after oral L-Carnitine supplementation. By continuing to invest in science and clinical research, we're happy to improve our overall understanding of this exciting nutrient."

According to Prof. Wutzke, "This is great news to all people who exercise, those who undergo a weight management program and those who have a high energy demand."

Lonza is the world's largest manufacturer of L-Carnitine and is the only manufacturer that guarantees 100% pure L-Carnitine, completely free from unnatural D-Carnitine. L-Carnipure(R) L-Carnitine Crystalline contains 100% L-Carnitine, while L-Carnipure(R) L -Carnitine L-Tartrate (U.S. Patent 5,073,376 and other international patents) consists of 68% L-Carnitine and 32% L-tartaric acid. L-Carnipure(R) L-Carnitine Crystalline and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate have been self affirmed as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). Being crystalline, white, water-soluble and heat stable, both products are ideal for use in various food and drink applications. In addition, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is non-hygroscopic, odorless and has a pleasant citrus taste and excellent flowability. Both products are kosher certified. Further details are available at http://www.carnitine.com/.

Lonza is a life sciences driven company, headquartered in Switzerland, which generated sales of CHF 2.24 billion in 2003. It operates 18 production and R&D facilities in eight countries and employs 5660 people worldwide. Lonza is one of the leading custom manufacturers of chemical intermediates and active ingredients as well as biopharmaceuticals for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. In addition, Lonza also offers organic intermediates for a wide range of applications and provides antimicrobial and associated products as well as polymer intermediates and compounds. For more information please visit the company's website at http://www.lonza.com/.


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