Deep Knowledge Ventures Expands Into Neurotech, Leading Seed Round For DeepWave Technologies Inc.

LONDON, September 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Deep Knowledge Life Sciences, the life science focused subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures is leading the seed round for DeepWave Technologies, a neurotechnology wearable startup commercializing patented technology developed at Northwestern University to enhance cognitive function and memory consolidation via stimulation of Slow Wave Sleep with sound alone.


The state of sleep known as Slow Wave Sleep is driven by specific types of brain waves called Slow Waves (SW). Its main function is memory consolidation (transfer of memory from short term to long term storage, and individuals who learn a task and perform a memory test immediately before sleep and immediately upon waking score higher in the morning due to the memory-strengthening effect of SWS.

The device uses an EEG system that synchronizes with the user's own brainwaves and uses precisely-timed pulses of a pink noise to increase the amplitude of SWA using sound.

Dr. Giovanni Santostasi and his colleagues at Northwestern University have tested this proprietary algorithm on individuals using laboratory-grade EEGs.

He first tested the amount that users' scores on memory tests improved before and after sleep, to measure the amount of memory enhancement occurring during a normal night's sleep. He then tested their scores on memory tests when using his device for one night. His algorithm increased the memory test scores of older adults (65+ years) compared to a night of normal sleep by an average of 400%, restoring them to youthful levels.

"This technology is revolutionary because it is a completely non-pharmacological means of improving the deepest part of sleep with many known health benefits, particularly for cognition. We were able to restore cognitive performance on memory tests in elderly individuals to levels similar to young adults without using drugs or invasive methods like electrical brain stimulation. We are eager to bring this technology to the public with the help of Deep Knowledge Life Sciences" said Dr. Giovanni Santostasi, founder and CSO of DeepWave Technologies.

Funding from their seed round will be used for the development of a prototype device which employs this proprietary algorithm to enhance sleep quality and memory via a comfortable and ergonomic EEG headband worn at night.

"We have been monitoring the neurotech field for several years, but now with the recent achievements of DeepWave and its renowned team we made the decision to enter the neurotech space since their technology brings a not before seen level of effectiveness and scientifically backed results. We are confident that DeepWave is the way forward at the onset of what will be an exponentially growing field which will position them as leaders in the neurotech sector of healthcare with positive impact ranging from cognitive enhancements and especially to healthy longevity," said Dmitry Kaminskiy, Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures.

About DeepWave Technologies 

DeepWave Technologies developed through years of neuroscience research by top scientists in the field, including from Northwestern University Medical School. These technologies form the core of a non-pharmacological, non-invasive approach to enhancing slow-wave sleep (SWS) and its therapeutic benefits. By improving sleep quality, DeepWave's solution dramatically boosts memory and learning, increases focus and reduces stress. Research also shows that sounder sleep can significantly reduce the risk for stroke, depression, heart attack, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Basically, when you sleep better, you think smarter and live healthier.

About Deep Knowledge Life Sciences 

Deep Knowledge Life Sciences, the life science subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures is focused on progressive medicine, Geroscience, and Longevity at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Healthcare. DKLS has made several unique investments right at the onset of artificial intelligence and blockchain in various healthcare areas demonstrating its progressive and visionary approach to understanding the convergence of technologies and the future of advanced personalised preventive precision medicine with a focus on healthy longevity, and which is seen through its partnerships and portfolio companies.


SOURCE Deep Knowledge Ventures

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