ChiRhoClin Announces A Human Secretin Study Completed For MRCP Imaging

Published: Nov 13, 2006

BURTONSVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--One of ChiRhoClin’s independent investigators has completed a human secretin enhanced MRCP study and recently reported the results at 2006 Joint Meeting of the American Pancreatic Association and International Association of Pancreatology. This study utilized human secretin enhanced MRCP (sMRCP) as a pancreas function test and compared the results to the current “Gold Standard” secretin stimulated endoscopic pancreas function test (ePFT). The use of sMRCP as a pancreas function test failed to be as good as the ePFT, however it was better than MRCP alone and suggested that the sMRCP may be useful as an initial screening test. An additional sMRCP function test study was completed and the results are expected within several weeks.

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