Bauer Launches NeuroShield Collar Backed By Research And Development By Q30 Innovations Available In Canada

Published: Sep 21, 2017

WESTPORT, Conn., Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's introduction of the NeuroShield collar in Canada is built on scientific research by Q30 Innovations, the company that licensed its Q-Collar technology to Bauer to help protect the structure of the brain during sports-related impacts.

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Q30 Innovations' vision to make its Q-Collar available to athletes is becoming a reality as the NeuroShield collar goes on sale in Canada. The device will not be available in the United States until it receives clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration.

"Today's Bauer NeuroShield launch in Canada is a significant milestone in sports, wellness and brain health," said Tom Hoey, co-CEO of Q30 Innovations. "At Q30, we look forward to continuing our research involving innovative and promising solutions to head safety concerns."

The technology behind the collar was invented by Dr. David Smith, who was inspired by the woodpecker's ability to withstand thousands of impacts and fly away unharmed. Woodpeckers have natural adaptions that protect their brains, which led Dr. Smith to look more closely at human physiology and head protection.

The collar is worn around the neck and applies light pressure that mildly increases blood volume in the venous structures in the head. This small increase in volume appears to reduce brain movement inside the skull, creating a "bubble wrap" effect that may reduce the brain's movement or sloshing within the interior walls of the skull.

"Although helmets help to prevent skull fractures and lacerations, they are limited in their ability to keep the brain from moving inside of the cranium upon impact," said Dr. David Smith, CEO of TBI Innovations. "Our research shows that protecting the brain from the inside out may be possible."

The research

Q30 has worked with prominent researchers and neurological experts over the last seven years to study the collar for use by athletes, military personnel and industrial workers.

According to recent research, when a player wears the collar over the course of a competitive season, advanced imaging shows a significant reduction in structural changes to the brain relative to those not wearing the collar. This research has been published in peer- reviewed journals, including British Journal of Sports Medicine and Frontiers in Neurology.

More studies are planned involving male and female athletes, as well as members of the military.

The Bauer NeuroShield collar is available now in select hockey stores in Canada only. The collar is available in eight sizes based on neck size. NeuroShield can be worn in both helmeted and un- helmeted sports, and is designed to complement and be compatible with equipment typically worn during play, including neck guards, shoulder pads and helmets.

About Q30
Q30 Innovations, LLC is a global research and development company dedicated to finding innovative head safety solutions. Q30 partners with leading independent science and medical institutions to design cutting edge products that will protect athletes, soldiers, and industrial workers. Products using Q30's technology have not yet received certain regulatory approvals and are not available for purchase in the United States. Please visit


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